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I was in Harringay Green Lanes this morning and thought it would be nice to stop & have a coffee outside one of the many coffee shops there. But at every place I stopped I was greeted by a blue pall of foul-smelling tobacco smoke emanating from the armies of smokers sitting outside every one of them. Thinking it would be better inside, I ventured into one such shop but it being a windy day, it was even more smoky inside.

I thought it was against the law to smoke in or near public places? Pubs these days certainly seem to interpret and comply with the law far better than the Green Lanes establishments. It's s shame really since a lot of would-be customers must be put off by having to sit inhaling someone else's dirty habits - or do these places only cater for this type of clientele? I suspect the latter.

I went home in the end & made myself a coffee there but it's not the same. Shame.

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Good to see this subject taking a more realistic turn.

I used to believe most kids grew out of their irritating phase and grow into fully functional adults.

It appears some just turn into bitter anonymous avatars idly fantasising about murder...

Funny you should mention that - someone near the top of Lausanne Road on the ladder has been burning tar or pitch-soaked wood (possibly logs from an old telephone pole) all this evening - a terrible smell has filled the entire house.




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