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I was in Harringay Green Lanes this morning and thought it would be nice to stop & have a coffee outside one of the many coffee shops there. But at every place I stopped I was greeted by a blue pall of foul-smelling tobacco smoke emanating from the armies of smokers sitting outside every one of them. Thinking it would be better inside, I ventured into one such shop but it being a windy day, it was even more smoky inside.

I thought it was against the law to smoke in or near public places? Pubs these days certainly seem to interpret and comply with the law far better than the Green Lanes establishments. It's s shame really since a lot of would-be customers must be put off by having to sit inhaling someone else's dirty habits - or do these places only cater for this type of clientele? I suspect the latter.

I went home in the end & made myself a coffee there but it's not the same. Shame.

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No, it's illegal to smoke inside. Outside is fine. Wind isn't under the control of the proprietor so it's exempt from it's effect.

How can you sit outside on a nice sunny day and enjoy a coffee in a fug? It might be gusty but even so there's the ever present pong of fags. Hate to think what these places are like on still days.

It's ironic that when you want to enjoy fresh air it's outside where you have to endure the stink of smoke. As an ex smoker I have zero sympathy for smokers. They need to pack it in and end tobacco addiction forever. 

As an ex-smoker and a tolerant human being I have no problem with other people enjoying their pleasures.

But I do have a problem with the anti-smoking fascists and their exaggerations. " blue pall of ….smoke":

" armies of smokers ".

Explain to us how it was possible for a blue pall to hang around on a windy day.

When the wind is blowing on a gusty day it does disperse the smoke I agree - mostly into the shop. But when it drops, smoke from maybe a dozen, 15 or 20 smokers hangs around in the air and don't forget, the outdoor seating is at least partly sheltered from the weather so it's semi-indoors really.

Maybe I should stick to pubs, yee ha!

I've never been a smoker in my life but never have I cursed anyone for following the laws of the land while they sit outside with a fag!

It's not unreasonable of smokers to smoke outside and equally it's not unreasonable of non smokers to wish for smoke free outside space.

Narrow pavements and small shopfronts are a given. Whose rights should come first? A big pub garden would be another matter entirely. 

Personally I wish no one smoked on narrow pavements at all, not because of some new law but because it's just good manners. Exhaled smoke is effectively waste and it's only polite to be conscious of where it's going or collecting. There's no reason anyone should be exposed to it if they didn't generate it themselves. One doesn't fling banana peels in people's faces after all. 

There are far too many inconsiderate smokers who don't care where their smoke goes. About 3 in 10 try to avoid smoke being blown into a child's face, in my (personal, anecdotal) experience. Yes, #notallsmokers, I know.

That's before getting to the issue of the number of smokers that don't consider cigarette butts to be litter... 

the delivery of this post is an all time low for HOL


This kind of thing is usually a bit of a touchpaper for the reactionary and ill-informed regulars.

There are quite a few countries that prescribe a non-smoking area around entrances for this very reason. They can range from 10ft to 4 metres. In fact, the Labour government promised to address the issue in early 2010, but a charmless Gordon Brown put paid to that being advanced. 

The idea that an open threshold be the demarcation for a smokefree area is odd. The idea that posters to this site can not comprehend that is, unfortunately, not odd at all.

'Reality' means things or situations that actually (already) exist.

Is there really much point to getting outraged about hypothetical 'nazis'?

You have a choice.  If you are uncomfortable with your surroundings you may choose not to go there, unlike  smokers, who are given no choice but to be outside.



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