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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Pictured is a van unable to ascend Cavendish Road earlier tonight. Motor vehicles - especially two wheel drive - are struggling to cope with ice, north-bound on Wightman Road from the railway bridge to the top of Cavendish. Needless to say, traffic is frozen solid in that direction.

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Hope their gritting is better than their grammar :-)
Ah, the Council's famous Spot Our Deliberate Mistaek Quiz - The haliday comptition for all the famaly. I got one misspelling and one grammatical error. Did you spot more, John? Anyone else get a better score?

John, I trust you duly noted the errors in the little box at the bottom of the webpage which says "How can we improve this page?"
Ho ho ho! Not last night it wasn't. I retrieved my abandoned car this morning before I got a ticket and the main roads were driveable, though still icy in patches. My road, Umfreville , which I note is priority 2 - should be cleared before 7.30 a.m. - has not seen a gritting lorry since the start of the cold snap. Pavements are still quite treacherous everwhere - best walking was in the park where the snow was deep and crisp and even...

Heard Transport for London's bus chief this morning on LBC saying most roads had been gritted yesterday afternoon and blaming the chaos on "cautious drivers"!!! Having driven from Camden along the two narrow ruts in the snow made by cars ahead , I can tell you "cautious" doesn't begin to describe it. But I was lucky to get home really as some people seem to have taken up to nine hours for relatively short journeys.
It's not fair on last nights drivers that got stuck because they did not know that it was going to snow.
Then you'll be pleased to hear that Councillor Alan Stanton has made a representation to that effect by email to Council Leader Claire Kober:

A number of Haringey residents were forced by the weather to leave their cars parked and continue home on foot or by Tube. Some have fond it impossible to climb even sloping streets - never mind hills. Other drivers sensibly decided not to take further risks in icy conditions. Can I please make the proposal that we have a temporary amnesty on all drivers who got parking tickets (PCNs) in Haringey in these specific conditions.


My thanks to Hugh for posting the above. Here's an update.

Today (23 December) all councillors got the email below from Cllr Haley (via his support officer). He replies to my suggestion of an amnesty for motorists who had to leave their cars because of the bad weather.
Dear Colleagues, Very limited parking enforcement has been carried out during the adverse weather conditions. A decision was taken yesterday morning [Tuesday 22 December] to allow drivers up to 1pm to move their abandoned or illegally parked vehicle before enforcement resumed. This was communicated to motorists through our call centre staff. Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) were subsequently deployed on main routes only from approximately 1.30pm. It is unlikely that penalty charge notices would have been issued on Monday to drivers who left their vehicle behind and continued their journey home by an alternative means. As such an amnesty is not needed; however any motorist receiving a penalty charge notice in any circumstance outside of their control may contact the parking service directly.
In my reply - also today - I thanked Cllr Haley for considering the amnesty. However, I reiterated that an amnesty is not only needed but desirable.
I said that while "unlikely", it was possible that penalty charge notices were issued on Monday. Also that he could not be certain that Parking wardens had not issued PCNs on Tuesday other than on main roads – as in the past staff have not always followed instructions.

I urged Cllr Haley to adopt the bad weather amnesty in the interest of fairness. I pointed out that not everyone who gets a PCN will phone the Parking Service. In fact, we know the majority of people who get a parking ticket just pay it. They may have a good reason for making a representation or appeal, But they do neither because it takes time and trouble and they risk having to pay double.

I said an Amnesty was desirable, showing the Council was fair and reasonable. If a few PCNs were issued, cancelling them would be fair and not a big problem.

In any case, I urged Cllr Haley to give wide publicity to (1) the decision taken to restrict the deployment of wardens during the snow and ice and (2) the advice that motorists who got a PCN should contact the Parking Service. I suggested this is put on the Home page of the Council's website. And Press Released with a wide circulation - including local radio stations and websites.
Effingham Road also priority 2 - not seen any sign of grit since the cold snap started last week. But heck, it was only last Thursday that this prolonged cold snap started. Let's not be impatient, right?
I notice that Priority 2 are classed as follows:

"Priority 2 roads are second priority. Once the Council is satisfied that priority 1 roads are sufficiently well treated and traffic is moving well, priority 2 roads are then gritted. Again it is not unusual to grit priority 2 roads more than once during a sustained cold period when snow continues to fall."

It may not be unusual to grit them more than once during a sustained cold period? It's certainly unusual to grit them at all it seems.
I fell on my a$$ twice this morning; once on the way out of my daughter's nursery (The United Church on Allison Road) and once just before I got to Manor House station - I am investing in a pair of ice skates for the journey home. I think Green Lanes should have the pavements gritted as a Priority 1!
Re: Hewitt Road - that Road Closed signed has been kicking around the top of the road against the wall for a while now. I wanted to put it out last week as I am sick of the amount of traffic coming down the road (compared to some of the other ladder roads) - someone obviously beat me to it!!!
The bridge on Cavendish Road still causing some trouble today!

Seems like the steep ladder streets are all priority 2.
I am a little puzzled re. gritting: They seem to do it before the snow has actually fallen, which is weird. They also seem to chuck it out in clumps rather that spreading it out evenly, which is even weirder, and makes the whole exercise quite pointless. I wonder about this every year. Still no logical explanation.

No sign of any extra grit to go on top of the now iced over clumps of old grit on Seymour Road.



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