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Pictured is a van unable to ascend Cavendish Road earlier tonight. Motor vehicles - especially two wheel drive - are struggling to cope with ice, north-bound on Wightman Road from the railway bridge to the top of Cavendish. Needless to say, traffic is frozen solid in that direction.

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The same thing is happening on Warham Road. Cars can't make it over the bridge. Slipping and sliding all over the place. They gritted the pavemnt though. The guy even gritted my path so I gave him a box of chocolates as a thank you. Big up the gritters! It's bloody hard graft and under paid but they were nothing but helpful.
Sod all gritting on the roads or pavement north-side of the Ladder (Effingham for me). Still, they've only had 5 days - let's give them some time eh?
I had to abandon my car on Tollington Park today, at the end of a horrendous two-and-a-half hour trek back from Guildford through a blizzard. The last hour was getting from Camden, as the roads gradually seized up or turned into skating rinks, and we decided to walk the last half-mile as things were barely moving, and I could hardly steer.
The irony was listening to LBC weatherman saying it might rain but would probably not snow - this as we drove through the winter wonderland of Shepherd's Bush. Maybe he should have looked out the window...
I'm hoping they put down grit overnight, as I need to go and pick up the car tomorrow (I suspect I left it on yellow lines, but couldn't tell!) . Itl looks pretty frozen out there tonight.
Was same on Green Lanes around an hour ago. A lorry had broken down in the southbound lane.

Usual sounds of joy coming from the Arena shopping centre, guess the new road layout hasn't done the trick ..
Ditto Hewitt. Last I looked we had a van stuck on the up-slope just off Wightman.
8:45pm. Hewitt has a 'Road Closed' sign on it now which looks official - other steep Ladder roads have informal signs blocking them and warning of the ice.
Did you notice if the van's still there?
Are you implying that sometimes it's been put out and it's not official? I wonder whoever could have done that...
Didn't notice a van in the road but it may have parked up.

re. unofficial signs. One was handwritten and propped on a recycling bin which (whilst valuable) didn't look 'official'....
Latest news.
There is cold weather in December - SHOCKING !
Great excuse for people not to go to work i think not
Here's what Haringey have to say about gritting in the borough. Towards the bottom of the page you'll find a spreadsheet attached outlining Priority 1 & 2 roads.

The cabinet member responsible recently said:

Haringey is one of the boroughs with the best gritting records and in last years snow we were one of the few authorities that was well prepared".



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