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And excellent article in the Guardian here.


This plan is very serious for the residents of Haringey, do read if you are not aware of what is going on.

Thank you for highlighting this. I hope this becomes an active topic on HOL.

Have trawled through Vanessa Feltz show online but can't find this...

It was featured  on the Feltz show on Tuesday and Thursday last week, but the programme Osbawn picked up is Dotun Adebayo's Sunday evening show here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04p471q (link will last for 30 days only).  He grew up in Tottenham.

Thanks Gordon...great link and great report and discussion!

How can we get one of these tenancies that are being taken away from these people? They sound like an amazing deal.

Before the law changed in 1997 some private sector tenants did have secure tenancies with similar rights in some cases
28th Feb 1997 to be exact :) - don't see many of them any more as these kinds of tenants tend to be elderly now.
Sadly true. I had a secure tenancy in a private sector flat in the early eighties. In return for me abiding by the conditions of the tenancy I was allowed to live there without the threat of the landlord turfing me out. A wild and crazy idea, eh?!
Once upon a time, in the days when they were building council houses, you would have gone on a waiting list and eventually you'd get to the top and be allocated one. You then pay your rent for 20 odd years at a rate that covers the cost of the house but makes no profit for the landlord since that is not permitted by law. You expect to stay there until you are too old and you go into sheltered housing (also council) or you die and then your next of kin can take over the tenancy. Your rent by this time has more than covered the cost of the build and is now also covering general maintenance.

You could buy your council house even then but few bothered - the council was a good landlord even if it didn't permit you to have your own front door or mock Georgian Pvc windows or non- standard fencing ( thank heavens, all good design shows tell you that street uniformity is much more desirable). Not everyone kept up appearances but dirty net curtains or an unwashed front step would get you talked about. The estates were quiet in the daytime because the majority of people were at work: young mums, the elderly and council workers were mostly all you saw. Later there'd be kids playing out.

Estates were not utopia, some were badly built and badly managed, but it's political decisions and economic forces that broke them not the people living there.

You can get this deal if you turn back the clock to pre-1979 and change the outcome of that election. Or persuade the winners of the 1997 election to take up council house building and stop trying to push everyone into the private rented sector.

Failing that read this blog https://municipaldreams.wordpress.com/



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