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Mixed race male in his 20s claiming to part of a scheme for ex offenders selling cleaning products door to door. There’s no such scheme and it’s a scam. We have Ring footage and reporting to local police.Please beware.

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He’s just visited us on Hewitt Road.

Chap of same description called some months ago and I tried to politely decline, but he started to get quite belligerent about me "of all the people" not wanting to "help a brother out", until I said I want him to leave and would call the cops. I'm not easily intimidated but the way he was carrying on I got concerned that he might barge his way in, so I simply shut the door.

The reason I had declined by the way was because once before I had fallen for this and ended up buying stuff I didn't need for a few quid though at 3x the price. That was a totally different guy though who left quietly after I fell for it.

'Nottingham Knockers' as they are known are there to work out if you have large amounts of cash in the house. They will charge you as close to a £10 as possible. Then they will look at the currency you go off to get. Is it clean and not folded? Does it smell musty like its been stored? This is the kind of info they will use to determine if there is more cash in the house and if it is worth breaking into. 

This is how it is meant to work apparently. 

There certainly is such a scheme here in Yorkshire.  I bought some cleaning cloths from one last year and neighbours say they have called before.  He should show you an ID.  Yes, he was somewhat belligerent when I refused him at first.

I can barely recall encountering a door-to-door salesman since those days in the 1950s when my mother bought supplies from the Kleeneze man. He had all his wares in a smart suitcase. Wax floor polish, dusters etc.

Same here, Dick, but I had only recently arrived from many years overseas and I wasn't sure.  I live in a building with three flats.  The bells are outside with entry phone and there is a small knocker on individual flats inside.  This guy didn't ring the bell but walked up the stairs and knocked on my door.  I wasn't happy with that and hence refused to buy.  But when he complained, I relented and bought the cloths.

As I say, a neighbour reassured me it was a normal thing.  I do think, though, that if it is a genuine scheme for ex-offenders then it should be more widely publicised.

A quick google suggests it is a scam - lots of police warnings from various forces and no genuine scheme that I could find. 

Interesting.  For a woman who at a fair guess lives alone - small flat, age - to refuse to buy might be more risky than buying.  That was my feeling anyway.   His manner and appearance fitted those of an ex-offender.  I wait for a deluge of abuse at this last sentence.



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