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After another wonderful episode of neighbours getting together, I'm delighted to be able to report that the 'Harringay Consortium' has won the Harringay House plan in a hard fought ebay auction.

21 neighbours contributed £10 or more to enable the group to clinch the 4ft 6ins long plan at an incredible £410. The group now plan to take copies for their personal use and donate the original to Bruce Castle Museum. Copies will also be made available for sale to non-consortium members if anyone is interested.

A copy will put on display locally, probably as part of the Outer London Fund Green Lanes refurb consultation.

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Maybe a consolation prize for not getting the map?

I would love to buy a copy when they go on sale.

That will take a wee big scanner to copy!

looks great! i missed the original thread but would happily chip in for a copy if you made them available.

Some provenance for the map in an email from the seller this morning:

I was born in 16 Wightman Road, as was my mother. My grandfather had the plans. He bought around 1908, I think. So it was probably just part of the paperwork. It was a butcher's shop until 1934 when he retired.

I have a few indentures for 99 Florence Road. My grandfather owned several properties on the ladder, including 44 Umfreville Rd, where my cousins lived.

I had family in Burgoyne and Hewitt Rds, so am delighted that the plans are going home.

My husband and children are all Cornish and there are no longer any relations living in Harringay. They have all moved out to Enfield/ Cuffley/ Waltham Cross etc.

I really only came across the plan recently, whilst going through the masses of paperwork and old photos from my mother' estate. She was the youngest and last of her family to pass away.

I do not know the origins, but have never seen one before and thought it would make a really nice feature on the wall!

Your idea is even better.

Notice the cow heads at the top of the pillars along the sides of the building. in the equivalent position next door, they seem to be corn sheaves.


Here's number 16 today:

View on Google Maps


That's so interesting to know. I had a peer at this house as I went past today - the cows are fantastic!

....and I just stumbled across this from the  London Evening Standard of 11 June 1904. This may well have been the point at which Val's family bought the house at 16 Wightman:

That's wonderful news! A great example of co-operation in a good cause.

Might I suggest asking Bruce Castle Museum to give you a scan of the map, once it has been restored professionally?

Then it would be fascinating to see it on HoL!

Hugh!! This is fantastic. How can we get a copy of the map and where is the Bruce Castle Museum? Well done Neighbours!!

See Bruce Castle Museum details here.

I've just been speaking with the curator about the best way to copy it. The archivist is due to call me back. We'll find the best affordable way possible then let people know.

And here's the butcher's shop at 16 Wightman as it was circa 1910. Many thanks to Val and her family for sending me a copy.

Wow! What a brilliant image.

Would be fantastic to have a butchers near-by that stored and butchered carcasses on site like this one. Though not sure what 'elf 'n safety would have to say about the meat being stored out front like that.

Still great stuff.



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