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Hi, its that time of year. Can I ask you all to save your postage stamps over the Christmas period. I regularly collect them for charity (Guide Dogs for the Blind). I can pick up or you can drop off, what ever is easier. Message me for my address details, or send me yours.

Thanks- Justin

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Ah thanks Justin, I am very pleased to hear that you do this as i hate throwing away stamps but knew noboddy collecting

Hi Geraldine. I am constantly collecting, but I put a shout out at this time of year especially. Thanks

Thanks Justin. We've done the stamp thing before so glad you're still doing this. I used to get the RNIB stamp collection bags. I've applied online twice this year to RNIB for one of their bags but to no avail. Thinking that maybe due to Covid they are not collecting at the moment (people have to sort through these bags/piles of stamps by hand.)

Have you managed to get any collection bags from them? 

Hi Ruth, no I have not had any. I will just keep hold of anything I cannot take directly for a while until thing settle back to normal!

Thanks Justin. I'll get some stamps over to you after Xmas then. Well done, keep up the good work!  All the best for Christmas. 

hi again Justin, just ordered another RNIB collection bag. Hopefully this one appears.



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