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 Having heard nothing official from Royal Mail about the imminent closure of the Tottenham Lane Sorting Office and having to rely of information that our MP Lynne Featherstone obtained from someone leaking the info to her

I took the opportunity to speak to my postman this morning.

He said the sorting office where I often go to collect parcels closes on 22nd September.

And whilst I understood it was relocating to Caledonian Road N19 he said it is actually moving to Tufnell Park. He was surprised that residents i.e. customers had not been informed by Royal Mail yet.

Although I had heard that the lease was up on the Tottenham Lane SO I believe this is not true. It was originally built in Victorian times by the GPO so I assume the building was owned by Royal Mail - but perhaps that means the government now RM sold off. Is the rent too high and that on an industrial estate cheaper?

I could not find a sorting or delivery office in Tufnell Park so I checked http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/a-first-trip-to-the-roy...  and found mention of Bush Industrial Estate Tufnell Park - Royal Mail seem to have no premises listed on their website.

When the Harringay depot was relocated there last year and below are some reports on difficulties getting there

A first trip to the Royal Mail's Tufnell Park Parcel Collection Point

And I must say, I couldn't quite call it pleasant.  It is situated in the deep end of this industrial park which did not bother me after all the trouble to get to the Tufnell Park station. What bothered me was that it was a bit of an obstacle course.  I was with my daughter on a buggy, trying to make sure that we are on a pedestrian walk-way.  And look what I foundLsee photo online). In fact, this was the second instance of a car blocking the pavement.  There was a rental heavy machinery shop (with diggers, etc.) prior to this point and a car was parking at a corner of a pavement end, blocking our safe passage. Overall, my impression is that it is not a place where they have been expecting visitors like us.  I hope Royal Mail will be talking to the landlord to tighten the act of other tenants.

i agree with this. Its in a terrible place. No parking spaces. Long walk to bus stop if you have parcels and NOT LOCAL

Phone number for Tufnell Park sorting office     08456 112349

 According to estate agents who lease premises to Royal Mail


The units, totalling 20,050 sq ft will be used by Royal Mail as a local mail depot. This location, at Station Road, Tufnell Park allows for superb access into Central London, North London and the wider road network. The unit is less than five minutes from Tufnell Park Tube station and offers direct access to the A1 via Junction Road.

They don’t mention lack of parking.

Royal Mail London North Delivery Office Unit, 11-13 Bush Industrial Estate, Station Rd Archway N19 5UN   0845 774 0740

TfL show journey from my house in north Hornsey as taking an hour and 10 minutes - each way

20 mins

Walk to Hornsey Train station

22 mins

41 bus to Archway Station / Macdonald Rd

6 mins

Walk to Archway

9 mins

134 bus or 390 bus to Monnery Road (N19)

13 mins

Walk to N19 5UN

Assuming you walk at average speed with no mobility issues

I have no idea what these journeys cost





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Hugo Read has mapped the walk from Upper Holloway Overground station on Holloway Road, through Whittington Park, to the Tufnell Park sorting office. As he says, you might need a printout of the map the first time you do it, but it's the least worst option if you're carless and in Harringay. For north Hornsey residents, though, perhaps either the W7 or W3 gets reasonably close to Crouch Hill station, one stop from Upper Holloway?

And no, Royal Mail didn't publicise the Harringay delivery office closure beyond a tatty hard-to-read notice swinging on the gate to the closed office, and finding the contact number is still unreasonably difficult. Feels like they have something to hide, as in "what - it's WHERE?"

Good luck!

Lesley, what do you suggest we do to oppose this? Is there a better option than subscribing to Lynne's 'petition'?



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