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I just have to finally rant about the local Sainsbury's on Green Lanes. I have watched it steadily deteriorate in recent years but now it's appalling!!! There are hardly any check-outs operated by cashiers now, meaning long queues. When I asked one of the staff recently why there was never enough tills open I was told that was what the new management wanted.

The self-service tills also have long queues and a lot of the time they don't work properly or you need help with them. Now you have to scan your receipts to leave that section but even that wasn't working today meaning I had to wait for someone to open them. This is not saving any time!!!

I am reasonably competent with automation but I dread to think how some elderly or vulnerable people who find it fiddly cope with it. Less interaction with people which is just sad when you think it might be the only chance some people have of talking to anyone

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Thats why you need to queue. if you start down the automaton line then management sees that there is a need.

I often do for this reason but I only had a few items and all the lines had people with trolleys. I didn't have time to hang around. It's totally ridiculous that they have so many unused check-outs just sitting there with no-one manning them

Avoiding queuing? Use the hand-held barcode readers that you pick up by the entrance. Separate check-out area, I've never seen a queue there. Though that's even more technology to negotiate...

You can see very similar changes at other supermarkets: Waitrose Holloway Road now has more self-service checkouts, with a new weighing system that limits you to one basketful (previously you could check out a trolleyful). Tesco Colney Hatch is almost entirely self-service. Aldi Harringay from the start was self-service oriented.

Sainsbury's are not just "price-matching Aldi", they're service-matching too. Welcome to 2022. 

Used Tesco Colney Hatch again (Friday late morning). Nine manned conveyor-belt checkouts were operating, a lot more than I have previously seen. Sainsburys take note!

Since the beginning of the covid lock down we have relied almost entirely on the delivery service which works pretty well.  When, one morning last month, I went into the shop for the first time in two years, my biggest problem wasn't queues (there weren't any), it was finding the right aisles.  The stuff seemed to have been moved around which greatly increased the time I spent looking.  Maybe that's another policy by the management.

Sainsbury's move the stock around every few weeks it seems. So don't get too comfortable with the current layout...

People like to know where stuff is and remember where their items are. I guess it's about making shoppers more aware of other lines by making them walk past and see other items that they would normally ignore?

Its a tactic supermarkets use to make sure you actually look at more than you came in for- with the view that if you actively look for an item because they have moved it you may see something else you will ultimately buy, even if you had not planned on taking it in the first place

I had cause to visit Tesco Colney Hatch yesterday for the first time in a decade. It very quickly became apparent to me why I haven’t been for so long. Both in terms of prices and quality of shopping experience, I was quickly yearning for Sainsbury’s Harringay.

We always use the Sainsbury’s smart shopping app on our phones and I don’t think we’ve queued since we started doing that. At Tesco, the queue for the self-check-out was so long we used the staffed tills.

That branch of Tesco is my local one and to be honest it's a nightmare now. Always long queues with people standing down the food isles waiting to get to the tills. The self-checkout is the same. The tobacco counter only ever has one person manning it and that has to deal with various sales including lottery tickets and customer service that used to have its own separate area a couple of years ago. Don't get me started on the automated barriers in the alcohol isles!  Horrible experience and not one I look forward to. The Tottenham Sainsbury in comparison is a dream, but even that one only has one or two staffed checkouts open at any one time. But what I like about this Sainsbury is its quietness. For such a large store it never seems busy, and you can walk about in a very peaceful atmosphere without all the bunching. 

Where is the Tottenham Sainsburys?

It's on Northumberland Park N17. Just off the High road.

If you're driving it has ample free parking below it.




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