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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Taken from Crouch End forums but has implications for this side of the tracks too. Is also possible to mention problems with walking to places and rat running traffic too so it's not just for cyclists. This seems to be mainly aimed at temporary fixes in the current situation but allows to add to suggestions that it should be made permanent.

Safer update! In a nutshell: Haringey say they’re working on it - but now we need to fill in their new online map so they can see the demand for change...

It’s been amazing seeing so many people locally calling for safer cycling over the past few weeks. I’ve been sending every message calling for change to the relevant councillors so they know the strength of feeling.

The great news is Haringey appears to have listened and say they are working on a series of cycle routes and low traffic neighbourhoods. Low traffic neighbourhoods are vital and really cheap to do - by closing one end of a residential road you can filter out the rat running traffic while allowing bikes and pedestrians through and still allowing residents, visitors and the emergency services full access to the street from the end that’s left open.

It is, however, unclear to what extent the Crouch End area is part of their plans.

This means it is absolutely crucial as many of us as possible visit the newly launched map and tell them where we want safer cycling locally.

The map is at: https://haringeystreetspaces.commonplace.is/ If there’s somewhere that you'd like to see made safer, tell them.

And please, look at what others have suggested and like as many suggestions as you agree with - the most important thing is they can see plenty of demand for change.

Thank you.

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By boat!! I fancy a canal down the middle of the road and some decorative bridges...

ice skating in winter anyone?? Could be wonderful.

I'm with you on the canal.


Pity that stretch of road is on a slope 

I'm sure some locks could sort that!

Hugh, any photos of the last flood. Those and a bit of imagination????!!!!

The Great Green Lanes Flood of 2015?

Thanks Michael


I'm seeing cafes, terraces, trees.....

The use of ANPR cameras for enforcing the LTNs is interesting. It was previously dismissed as unrealistic but seems to be more common now - Hornsey Rise Gardens has a School Street scheme which is policed via a camera, and in SW6 they're implementing a LTN using smart cameras: https://www.lbhf.gov.uk/transport-and-roads/sw6-traffic-reduction-plan-launching-july

Probably not as quite as cheap as a simple barricade point closure.

Thanks for this - also I believe in Newham, Browning Road.

St Anns Living Streets seem very active, it would be quite a natural "expansion" that I would be able to help with

It's great that the St Ann's group is active, as St Ann's has been pretty neglected in terms of cycle routes etc, despite being very flat (unlike Wightman Road, Crouch End etc). St Ann's Road has a huge problem with speeding too - nothing has yet been done about this...

I earlier proposed a nice flat cycle route through St Ann's up to Wood Green, which would benefit from some filtering of Langham Road & other measures.

Maybe add a post about this, Ant. Your suggestion is easily missed here and Chris’s offer on the next page looks good. 



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