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Hi there,

I live near Seven Sisters Road/St Ann's Road right above the Victoria Line. Recently I have noticed a rumbling, vibrating noise coming from below. The intervals suggest it is the tube trains from the Victoria line and it also matches up with the online tube map.

It is driving me insane. In 4 years I have never experienced this and it came out of nowhere. It starts at around 5.30am (also weekends!) and doesn't finish until midnight. I actually had to remove some of the side panels on my bed room radiator as it was making too much noise!

Has anyone experienced the same in the local area? I have already reported it to TfL and also Harringey Council and am considering further action.


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I live over the picadilly line, it gets worse as it gets colder and damper, especially the first few trains until the track is warm and it has got worse as the trains get older.

I think your best bet might be to get in touch with the GLA member for Enfield and Haringey. She's usually pretty responsive. The GLA's Environment Committee was looking at the issue of tube noise last year.

Thank you - will do!

I used to get this with both the Piccadilly and Victoria lines running almost directly under my old flat on Eade Road. And this was in the early noughties when the Victoria was pre-refurb and loud as a Banshee.

It was pretty noticeable for the first few weeks but it didn't even register for the remaining 8 years or so I was there. Was always funny when visitors looked suddenly concerned thinking they could hear the slow rumbling of an earthquake when I had totally tuned out both the noise and the rattling picture frames :D

Not sure why it should suddenly be louder after living their 4 years though.

Live near you and while I've always been able to hear it, it has never bothered me. I see it as part of living in London tbh and would find it too quiet if it was no longer there! It's maybe got a touch louder recently, but not enough to be a nuisance. Noisy inconsiderate neighbours are another matter...

I don't travel on that bit of the line but there are shortish stretches e.g near Warren St where the rail tops get irregularly worn leading to a very loud high-pitched roaring  sound in the train as it passes, which may transmit through the ground to your place.

London Underground has a rail grinding train that they can use to make the rails smooth again.

If you're able to take a couple of trips to see if that happens between Finsbury Park and Seven Sisters at any point, especially if you can time it and estimate using a map if it's close to you, it would back up your complaint with evidence.

Thanks for the tip - I did that yesterday when I came back from Central London and it is definitely noisier than in the past. I have reported it to TfL and am now rallying my neighbours to do the same. TfL said it could be related to new tracks which need a few weeks to be worn in (?) and one of their engineers will look into it... 

I was thinking just the same Alfred on a trip back to Finsbury Park from Oxford Circus yesterday.  The noise inside the carriage was deafening some points.

I live right next to the Gospel Oak to Barking overground line (opposite Harringay Green Lanes station) and when I first moved in I really noticed the shaking of my flat every time a train went past - stuff has even fallen off my wall due to the shaking. However, it doesn't take long before you get used to it. Now I am oblivious to the rumble of the trains going past my window.

For me it varies depending on the train - freight trains much much more than the little diesel passenger trains.

My bugbear (I live 150 metres west of the station, 40 metres from the track) is a freight train around 0445 a couple of days a week. The design of the wagons means they feed energy back into the track much more than just about everything else - makes my windows rattle.

Thanks Alfred. As soon as mentioned the noise we cant help but notice it! Are you able to provide me with the contact details of TFL and Harringey Council so I can also highlight this with them.

Thank you

Martin (number 4) 

Sorry you guys can hear it too now, Martin. I really think this has only started very recently... I joined a blog called 'Tube Noise Action Group' and this was their reply (TfL contact details included - I rang and spoke to them personally):


Sorry you are having this trouble like so many other Londoners. Thanks for reaching out, I have added you to the email list. you will need to get as many people in your area to write in and complain to get action.

I have had a number of reports in the seven sisters area. I used to have a group but the leader left. TFL only react on a certain number of complaints.

Key steps are to:
*Write to the London Assembly environmental committee and describe your experiences. I will follow up with their emails.
*Complain to TfL (to get it registered) contactus@tfl.gov.uk, 0343 222 1234
*Contact as many others in your group and form a local tube noise group to raise the profile of your area.
*Contact your local ward councillors and file a noise complaint.
*If you can volunteer in any way, let me know. We need people who can do interviews on short notice, speak at committee meetings, write emails, know of useful contacts etc.
*we are exploring legal action, notify me if you are interested.

Most importantly, please be persistent, participate (everyone has to write in) and realise this will take a while.


Kevin Lee
Tube Noise Action Group



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