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I'm attaching a set of results for the survey which is also being sent to all our councillors and copied to David Lammy. I sent them a set of interim results on Friday week, in time for the Green Lanes Strategy Group Meeting last Monday - there may be some interesting results from that. I'll let you know as soon as it's confirmed.

Other posts on the site are beginning to talk in terms of residents drawing up a blueprint / plan for Harringay. Perhaps this survey can inform some early priorities.

What do you think?

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Thanks for doing the work on this Hugh.

So it's 'mix of shops', 'crime' and various environmental factors like 'cleanliness' , 'cycling' and 'traffic'.

Would be interesting to know what teenagers would prioritize.

On the whole the area needs a lift. Much to discuss on the 4th. (purple flag :) ).
The number one priorities were traffic for the residential areas and crime on the 29 for Green Lanes, closely followed by concern about the mix of shops.

It's difficult to know how to place the other category data. But cleaniness and environmrntal factors appear to have been strong enough themes that they would have scored significantly had they been included in the main body of the survey.



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