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I wasn't quick enough to get a picture but Trudy and I saw what we think must have been a red kite this afternoon about 3pm.  It was circling slowly while moving from East to West.  It crossed Wightman Road above Allison Road and continued across the railway in the direction of Hornsey Vale.  It had variegated colouring seen from below, broad wings with primary fingers and the characteristic forked tail.  I have seen plenty of them in Wales and more recently along the A40 beyond Oxford but never before in this area.

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Well spotted, I shall keep my eyes peeled...

Wonderful. I love to see them and to hear their call too.

Wow, did it have the v-shaped tail feathers & finger-like wing tips? I guess there's plenty of pigeons for them to eat. I'd love to know if they're actually roosting/nesting around here - anyone know? Yes Annee, there's a regular Woodpecker at Railway Fields too :) 

I'd like to think that gardens being turned back into gardens rather than concrete patios is helping.  I can certainly notice the difference in the dawn chorus and general activity in my own garden over the last 12 years.

Hi all

It certainly sounds as if it was a Red Kite Dick saw over Harringay - not too surprising as they have increasingly spread toward and even into urban areas: I had one high over Woodberry Wetlands a couple of years ago (but none over Harringay as yet!) As for woodpeckers, we certainly have Green and Greater Spotted around here but I fear Lesser Spotted is more a fond hope than an actuality - as a species they are much diminished in the south east and I haven’t heard of one in these parts for many a long year. Bear in mind that even Greater Spotted are smaller than you might think....

I'm with you on this. Only 85 sites across whole of UK. I'm not aware of them in this area for a long time. Annee - can you take a picture next time? LS woodpeckers should be reported to the RSPB - this is special!


Oh that was me sending out Red Kite signals ... pigeon feast. Prolly reject the MacDs taste though :)

I had seen a lesser spotted woodpecker several times in the gardens around mine. Recently I watched one making a hole in my neighbours tree, I was in awe watching the bird at work pecking with its beak and then spitting out the wood bits. It now lives there and see it going in and out several times, I am wondering if it is actually nesting and we will see babies. 

Pretty sure I just spotted a kite circling over the mid-Gardens early Friday pm... I hope it enjoys our plump and slow-moving pigeons!

Red Kites Only eat Dead meat.  Needs Kestrels for Pigeons

Surprised that Red Kites have not been seen around Alexandra Palace.                                                As would suit them being High up. With plenty of food in Area

Spotted today Friday heading towards Highgate Wood flying west over Crouch End. Seen earlier in the week as well. Always thought it a matter of time before the kite population came south. Maybe that is starting. As regards feeding though, I always understood red kite mainly ate carrion. Given the competition for that food source is pretty intense I wonder if it will stay. Some interesting changes may be ahead. Look to the skies!

I saw one - maybe the same one? - last summer while I was working on my allotment at Crieghton Avenue, Muswell Hill.

It was being mobbed by a group of crow who were making a racket, which was what drew my attention to it.

After seeing off the crows, the kite circled for ages overhead until eventually, it drifted towards the west.

It was such a magical sight, a bit dreamlike, in fact but really lifted my spirits, that afternoon.



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