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I was just wondering if anyone else was having issues with their dry recycling being collected during the road closure along Wightman road.  Currently mine hasn't been collected for 2 weeks, however the refuse was collected as expected on Wednesday.

I spoke to Veolia and was told due to the road closure there was issues collecting refuse and recycling (which seems strange given that the refuse was collected as expected as usual), and at some point they will be collecting the recycling, but was only given vague maybe today, tomorrow or some time.

I just wondered if this was a problem all along Wightman road and perhaps the rungs of the ladder too, of if it was isolated to small areas.

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Contact emina.ibrahim@haringey.gov.uk. She's one of your councillors. Get her to go into bat for you.

Cheers Hugh, I'll give her a try.

Edit: Done, hopefully it will be sorted sooner rather than later

Edit2: Note, the correct email is emine.ibrahim@haringey.gov.uk

Oops sorry.

Yes we had the same issue, called Veolia yesterday and the very clever lady said that is not her problem that the road is closed and they are working very hard to collect recycling. She also said that probably is not access to our house for collection, so I explained to her that black bins were collected on Wednesday - was not issue with collection or parking bin truck by our address. at the end of the conversation she apologised and told me that we should read letter from the council... which we never received it!!! What a professional organisation of closing road and did not think earlier about other issues arising.  

Us as well! I can't believe this wasn't planned for and we have 5 months of this nonsense, we already had issues with dumping and incorrect bin use (meaning they refuse to take recycling) on our section of Wightman this is making it way worse! :( I'm glad you posted this though, all I've been seeing on the forum is about how "nice and quiet" it is, was beginning to think only we were being affected negatively!



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