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Just recently I've been unable to access any pictures on HoL. When I click on any sort of picture link, I get this error message:-

This site can’t be reached

storage.ning.com took too long to respond.

Is this a problem for other people too?

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Seems all right here Alison.

Thanks John - must be a problem here then

Same thing here. What browser are you using? Firefox here.

Having the same issue for a week or so now.. tried firefox, chrome no change.

I can't replicate this, but it clearly sounds like there's an issue.

Are the people who are having a problem viewing on mobile device or desk/laptop?

Alison, or anyone else, can you please provide an example of a link you've clicked on and a screenshot of the resulting message.

Is this issue only when clicking on picture links? Can see see pictures when they're posted inline (alongside the text)?

Can you please say what operating system you are using.

(I'm trying to cover off all the stuff the platform techies in Arizona will ask me.)

Can you open this picture, for example?


Opened immediately for me on a Mac laptop using Safari and also on an Android phone using Chrome

Fine on an iPad using Safari

Hi. Couldn't open that either. Getting the "secure connection failed" message..

Same in this one https://harringayonline.com/forum/topics/mini-hifi-dab-and-ipod-to-...

Will try and upload screenshots.. I using mobile phone to access. Never had problems before..


- IOS/Android / Other?

I can't replicate it on IOS Safari or Firefox


Thanks. I don't have access to an Android device.

Alison & JJB, are you also using Android on a mobile?



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