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I hope all you who have the vote in Harringay will remember tonight ( and certainly other nights to come ) and at the next election vote out the incompetent shower responsible for the introduction of the LTN.

My weekly 5-minute journey from Wightman Road to Green Lanes took 45 minutes, including  30 minutes to go the length of Hampden Road. Yes, I know that there was a burst water main. But in happier times traffic would have been distributed across the roads now blocked off and not confined to Green Lanes. Yes, I know that I could have taken a bus to sit in the same traffic jam as I did this evening but in any case there aren't any buses between my house and the bottom of Effingham Road. 

I understand the concerns of those residents living in the LTN who hope that the pollution in their streets will be reduced but don't the residents of Green Lanes, Turnpike Lane and Wightman Road breathe ? don't their children have lungs ?. Where did the Council think the LTN traffic would go ? 

And please don't suggest to this disabled person that I could have cycled.  I couldn't.

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Demolish houses, build more roads.

And, perhaps John, chopping down trees front, back, and beside existing homes to provide more space to pour more concrete to build taller towers and inflate the prices of homes. And raise-high the debt mortgage mountain and other loans which may never be repaid. Much of which, like student loans, and the so called National Debt, does not need to be repaid.

But it does keep huge numbers of people quiescent as they worry about staying ahead of the bills.

About "baby steps". This got me thinking.
Observing our three granddaughters, it seems to me that they were rarely taking baby steps. Relative to their ages size and developmental stages it's more like giant brave determined reckless leaps. Yet isn't our current need for giant brave leaps to tackle the climate crisis?

By the way, I'm jotting down these rough thoughts because I see myself. possibly like many others on climate issues, stuck in the fable of blind men standing around the elephant. We may observe angry shouting matches about proposed Green measures. While others appeal for calm and patience and giving things time. Time for sharing our insights,hopes and doubts, in a process of mutual respect and learning. And - yes - empathy for others' material positions.
"The wearer knows where the shoe pinches." Anarchist saying. 

Time though is dangerously short. 

Aren't we now beginning to mourn the possible death of the planet?  Or at least of the lives, livelihoods and homes of many millions? So Anger, Denial, Bargaining, and so on are wholly understandable reactions.

A possible ray of hope. I'm beginning to sense,in this thread at least, there may be signs that anger and denial can be replaced by the  wish for consensus. What cooperators  once called "Building United Judgement"  on which to base effective action.

The sub-thread on immigration has been deleted to bring the conversation back on topic, in line with our house rules.

Thanks Eric. Will you take photos at the same place at 930am and 6pm tonight and Sunday afternoon just to reiterate the point?

I didn't spent ages on a bus yesterday stuck in gridlocked traffic nor did I see the same gridlock on the streets around Alexandra Palace station, Green Lanes, Whightman Rd, Westbury Avenue, Downhills or West Green Road.

Is that true? No it's not!

I guess most of the traffic was cars with people who could have easily taken your bus. That is the point. I was at Ally Pally yesterday and nearly every car had one to two people in them. My bus had over 40 people or the equivalent of (being generous) 20 cars. The car drivers need to understand they are the problem.

there was a street protest on green lanes yesterday and manor house was closed, diverting lots of folks towards turnpike or finsbury park via rail replacement buses. Not everything is the LTN.

There was a protest march on Green Lanes which held every thing up

7.45 am is not rush hour. 

8.45 is.

Not if you are going into a place of business it isn't. 8.45 is the school run.

What is the difference ?

6:30am start in Warham Road John 

For those who do feel strongly that the Council should reconsider LTNs now rather than wait 6 months there will be a rally this evening, starting at 5.30 at Downhills Park cafe and walking towards Wood Green. 



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