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I couldn't agree more with your summary Souvarine. Let's hope the Traffic Review consultants get this picture too. Do you think the traffic weight measured in January is easily translatable into a pollution measurement for a narrow residential road ie Ladder roads, Salisbury Road, Wightman Road? This council backed Traffic Review is putting Health, Safety and Well Being as a primary driver (unless I've misread the literature); I wish they had measured pollution at the same time. It is so unacceptable not to be able to open windows and have black dust layering into homes and schools. I've lived in my Warham Road home for 22 years and the traffic was bad then but has only got worse and both my children had childhood Asthma, thankfully not too bad now but my eldest daughter is still under medication at 23 years old. I think we should have a Traffic and Pollution protest!!

I agree that's a pretty fair summation from Souvarine (and thank you for the apology, that's appreciated)...although I think the idea thaf heavy traffic is new is slightly less true of Wightman given that it has always provided the only route into Hornsey Rail depot and has long established non-residential uses (churches, businesses, mosque, Jewsons).

@ Penny

There was a pollution study just a few months ago. Sensors mounted at the roadside.


Thanks John D, so am assuming this was council led and the results will be fed into the traffic consultancy results? And were these sensors put on the busy Ladder Roads or will they extrapolate according to traffic weight?

I'm not sure. I think it was a private initiative or an academic study.

Try this page -



Hi Souvarine and Antoinette, a quick reply as I'm rushing out to a birthday lunch today. I'm going to start looking into this after my daughter goes back to university at the end of this week. I think such facts would be very useful ammunition in the context of the traffic survey. I'm at vale surgery in crouch end so probs less relevant but they may be able to point me in the right direction. More soon!
There was an interesting bit of research into the impact of diesel fumes carried out by Imperial College a few years ago


This looked at people walking through Oxford Street and concluded that the impact would be far greater through repeated cumulative exposure, so living or working in an area with high fume levels
Then perhaps the answer is to reverse the decision to allow parking on the pavement.

As for the data from local surgeries, I hate to say it but I already can't get an appointment. I don't think they have the capacity to do that and there are issues around patient confidentiality to consider. Approach the Department of Health instead. They have a whole team of peopke dealing with those sorts of enquiries. I should know I used to be in it.

The Mosque is here to stay so no point thinking "coulda, woulda, shoulda" and the churches have always been there.

Or we have the traffic consultants ask... That is what they are there for to a degree given the scope of the study is to cover health and wider welfare/quality of life related issues.

Absolutely... let them earn their fee

Anecdotally, my daughter and her Y5 classmates from 2 classes went on a school trip last year. I dropped her off at school and chatted briefly with her teacher who had a bag full of asthma inhalers- she remarked they were for the kids on the trip. There must have been 8 or 9 in the bag. For both classes, I asked? No, just her one class of 30! I was stunned!



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