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Here is the result of planting one seed potato back in March.  This is a main crop variety called Picasso. 2.5kg from one little spud.  The rest of the crop is still growing well.

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That's excellent. Any soil improvement tips?

None that are unique to me.  This potato patch is mostly on my best soil which is dark, well drained and friable.  Last year it was mostly given over to beans.  To parts of the patch that have more clay, I have previously added both spent mushroom compost and the compost we make from our own leaves, weeds and food waste.  It happens that the end of the patch where this particular plant was grown was where last November's bonfire was built so I suppose the ground got more than usually sterilised and also extra potassium.  I shall have better information as we gradually dig up the rest of the crop which extends into heavier soil.  Unless we see evidence of slug damage, we may leave the crop in the ground until we need them.  Now that we are all supposed to lose weight, this could mean that we shall still be digging them up in January.

When I were wee, we used potato clamps to store the spuds.



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