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Further to the post last week about making the passage a greener space for us all to enjoy, I am increasingly seeing a dog (sometimes human) poo problem in the passage.  No doubt this has been addressed previously, but I am keen to look at new initiatives to highlight the issue and hopefully change the behaviour of ignorant dog owners.

I am prepared to create some posters (see attached) that I will post at the entrance to the alleyway(s) from Allison Road to Pemberton Road.  This is the route I walk my kids to school at 7:50 each morning.  I will arm myself with some chalk based yellow spray paint and will make a point of highlighting the mess each morning.  My hope is that the yellow posters and yellow highlighted mess can lead to a positive change in behaviour.  Should this work we could roll it out to the wider area of the passage.

I am keen to hear the groups thoughts on this and perhaps whether my ideas could play into a wider initiative which is already being considered.


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I think it will work in the short term. Take care with the chalk thing (technically criminal damage and I have a friend who was cautioned for doing this so I'm not being overly dramatic!) A few years back someone created little flags out of cocktail sticks to stick in it but that might be too close for your comfort. On King's Cross when they did this, they went so far as to put the face of local councillors on the flags but, just to be clear I'm not advocating this! Might be an idea to drop them a line (contact details here to flag your concerns and enlist them in a short campaign.

Invite them for a  (masked up) walkabout as sometimes when they spend so much time at River Park House they can forget to visit the neighbourhood they represent. On the whole, Zena is the most responsive. Let us know how you get on. 

P.s I have chalk 

thanks for this.  I will contact Zena

Is it possible some of it is from foxes rather than rude dog owners?

yes there is some from foxes, but the majority is no doubt dog unless we have some super sized mutant foxes wandering the passage

Ha! I'd like to see those (the foxes not the poos) :) 

Best cure is the cheapest Bleach. It deters people & animals. Cleans area and smell deters repeats. The cheaper the better

Will never stop desperate people or animals

There is a fair bit from foxes, but over the last 2-3 years I've become somewhat of an authority on fox poo given how much they loved to deposit it in our garden and can easily tell it apart. It doesn't tend to be all that voluminous. Besides, its shape, colour and odour is quite distinct.

In the Passage, there is considerable dog poo and also human. I have reported it to the council a number of times and they always clean it up but more just materialises.

Not tarnishing dog owners at all - I hope to become one soon myself - I can also make out where they have cleared up after their dogs. But some clearly don't think they have to. There is clearly one particular large dog making regular deposits.

I do love a good poo poster, and this looks great. Although not sure the outcome. But great for trying

I like the poster, it is short and to the point and will be easily readable. Are there sufficient dog poo bins? Maybe if a councillor is invited down to look at the extent of all the passages they could influence the installation of a bin in each of the passageways. Of course, this means the council will need to arrange for them to be emptied!!! But what you have highlighted is a public health issue so does need addressing. 



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