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I know everyone has a bad day but this encounter with Neil Protheroe was so awful and upsetting I wanted others to be able to consider it when hiring a plumber.

My household had a leaking kitchen tap. I contacted my landlord and she contacted Neil and gave him my number.

(The following paragraphs have been removed from the post following information received about legal position in which they may place the site. It should also be noted that our House Rule, m states "Whilst we permit the airing of legitimate complaints against businesses, we do not allow do posts which unfairly tarnish the reputation of or sustained attacks on businesses, in particular where that business is an independent local one. Any posts that detail complaints should include evidence to support them, such as would be suitable were the case to be subject to legal proceedings.') 

I'm not offering advise on whether or not to hire him, but it might be helpful to hear my personal experiences so you know what to expect.

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Every time I read a post about this gentleman I wonder if there are two completely different plumbers called Neil Protheroe!

You are hysterical as always lol

I was wondering the same thing, Michael, but then a contact from the other side of the tracks rang me about something completely different and happened to mention that he’d seen the Protheroe post. He’s used him in the past and said that Neil can be different on different occasions. So maybe two moods of Protheroe rather than two Protheroes.

I agree . I have had very good and very bad experiences with him .  Maybe he's not well and this effects his behaviour.

Did get him round once and he was a jovial sort of guy. He gave me a story (quite possibly true) about how he had a young family and had missed some mortgage payments and was desperate for more reviews here, which I guess explains why there have been so many.

I've used Neil for years, always liked him, and I respect his knowledge and ability, down to earth kind of guy. Always polite, so not sure what happened there or what the OP could have said to elicit this response.

I’ve no experience with him but assuming the OP isn’t making it up regarding the aggressive swearing (and of course there are always two sides to every story) I don’t understand how anyone can defend this kind of alleged aggressive behaviour, even if they have themselves had a good experience. I doubt anyone would defend a man (or woman for that matter) shouting at his/her partner in that manner. Stress isn’t an excuse to behave like this and if you worked in an office and behaved like that, you’d be in deep trouble and rightly so. 

Exactly as you say there are two side to a story, and we're only hearing one, I'm not a friend of Neil's and only know him in a professional capacity and I've only had positive experiences with him, I will say sometimes I noticed he's busy and can be delayed with other jobs, but I still stand by saying he's a very nice man, so surprised by the post. Of course, I'm not condoning cursing at a client. 

I’ve known Neil for years, and the idea of him swearing and shouting is so utterly unlike the Neil that I know that I, frankly, don’t believe it. Neil’s literally just been in my house, and he’s just about the nicest bloke I’ve ever met. We’re not friends - he’s my plumber, and I will always call him first, 

I had a small plumbing problem on Tuesday. I had used Neil before, and was satisfied. So I thought I would try him again, just to check. He said he would come the next day. He did. He brought a new part. He was polite, efficient and very tidy. We chatted while he worked, and I enjoyed his company. This report seems quite out of character with my experience. I would not hesitate to use him again, and I recommend him to others.

I hired him to refit my bathroom, he was totally unprofessional and rude and kept cancelling and pushing us back so we went with another tradesperson. This was in 2019. I am always staggered about how he gets positive responses

My theory is:
he simply doesn’t like some people and has a problem hiding it

he can’t manage his workload / diary 

I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience, but this just doesn't sound like the person who came and fixed my sink. Very weird.



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