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BBC, Covid-19: 'Don't end up like us, please' Please watch this. It's real.

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2021 and we're still unable to embed a simple video on this platform.

Since 2007 you’ve been able to embed videos with an effective embed code, like YouTube videos. 

This is a really excellent report and so moving too, if you know anyone who has any doubts about what is happening  in our hospitals at the moment please get them to watch too. I worked at 'The London' for many years sometimes on ITU but then there were two small units, one for general problems such as heart attacks and one for trauma, it was nothing like this, this is unparalleled. I don't know how we can ever show our gratitude to the staff other than by staying in and not giving the virus the opportunity to spread.

Watching the BBC news reports from the Royal London and other hospitals is harrowing.  I keep wondering  why the staff don’t just walk out at the end of a shift and not go back.  Each one of them has commitment that is way beyond anything I could ever hope to have.  I have only once had to tell someone that a loved one had died and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I can’t imagine having to do that again and again every single day.

The problem seems to be the number of people who currently only get their "news" from social media and never watch traditional news programmes. Social media is now so often taken as gospel when it is anything but! When asking my family who watches news programmes on any of our traditional free to air channels the answer was frightening! Add to this the increasingly small number who read newspapers and its easy to see how fake news spreads so easily.

Indeed, except we have to take into account the pervasive theme running around that it is in fact "the mainstream media" that is the fake news. A deep distrust in the institutions of society has taken grip in a large segment of western populations - I'm not entirely sure why that is, but I daresay close scrutiny of the actions of recent Western governments while give some clues. I also suspect that this is being sponsored by foreign powers such as China and Russia, who may be paying back  years of similar "Soft Power" meddling from America.

My nephew informed me that he wouldn’t be taking the vaccine when offered because he didn’t know what was in it.  Considering his pre-lockdown idea of a good night out was swallowing, smoking or snorting stuff offered by blokes he and his mates met in pubs, my overwhelming desire to throttle him was perhaps forgivable.

My daughter said the same. Unfortunately, I omitted to have her vaccinated against idiocy as a child.

Good point - well made!

The world has an endless supply of liars, cheats, fantasists, con-women and men, believers and marketers of all sorts of what, to me, seems irrational nonsense.

Some of them own newspapers, TV stations, and internet sites. Or may become Prime Ministers or Fascist dictators. Or perhaps are distinguished and respected university professors who teach, and write articles and books dangerously misleading many generations of students.

Fortunately the world also has an endless supply of people who try to discover, write about, share, teach, and generally tell the truth.

Aren't we sometimes too relaxed and even a bit complacent about our own grasp of what is true and what is not?
Or not cautious enough about stuff which is a teensy bit dubious, ticklish, dicey or chancy? As opposed to certainties such as the world is not flat and Donald Trump will always lie. Unfortunately life is not like the logic puzzle of the two identical twin giants; one who must always tell a lie; and the other who can only tell the truth.

Surely most people have experienced being conned by liars and cheats? I'm embarrassed to confess that I have actually voted or campaigned for some of them. And have been disappointed when others - many sensible principled and sceptical people - continue to believe in the con.

I once had a comic - sadly now lost - with a Situationist version of the parable of Plato's cave. It pictured one of the trapped cave people whose job was carrying oil to light lamps, accidentally breaking a hole in the cave wall. Crisis. Glorious sunshine pours through from the Greek rural landscape. What do the cave denizens do faced with this painful truth? They stay inside and build windows.

What a strange response, I'm confused, why ever not?

I certainly don't know why you'd say that



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