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Does anyone know if planning permission is required to put a roof terrace on a flat roof over a single storey extension? Not for our house, but a nearby building that's previously applied for a retrospective HMO licence and got turned down.

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Almost certainly they will (and Haringey don't normally grant it).

Thanks, that's really helpful.

This thread would seem to suggest it might be possible in limited circumstances but its from 2013 so..... 


It wouldn’t happen to be on an HMO on Willoghby Road next to a children’s nursery? I noticed workmen installing doors this morning…

That's the one. They've also installed an actual front door at the rear of the house on the first floor, overlooking the flat roof. They've removed a window to put it in. Now a wooden structure has gone up which suggests some kind of roof terrace is being constructed. No scaffolding being used anywhere though – total hazard adjacent and overlooking the playground at the back of the nursery. I've alerted the council's planning dept.

I noticed that this morning and thought it looked like a somewhat dubious bit of building.

There are also permitted development rights.

You can report beaches of planning on the Haringey planning portal. Take pictures. Do it ASAP as once it is finished and in place for sometime it is alway harder to enforce especially given the very scarce resources and other "priorities" that our borough has.

The structure they've erected at the rear looks precarious, to put it politely. I'm concerned about the children playing outdoors at the nursery and I only hope they've reported it too.

Check Haringey DPD policies here

Policy DM12:Housing Design and Quality on pg  28 states , inter alia, "E - Extensions or alterations to residential buildings, including roof extensions will be required to be of a high, site specific, and sensitive design quality, and respect and/or complement the form, setting, period, architectural characteristics, detailing of the original buildings, including external features such as chimneys, and porches. High quality matching or complementary materials should be used appropriately and sensitively in relation to the context."

But also look at DM1 on pg 11as it relates to "Privacy and Amenity".

Thank you, that's really helpful.



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