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Currently operating as Abraço this application

HGY/2021/2420 - 60-61 Grand Parade N4 1AF

"Merging two units into one internally to use as a retail/cafe within Class E. New shopfront. Single storey rear extension to both units with part retractable roof."

I foresee a future as another turkish mega restaurant once and if this isi granted. It also removes a reatil unit from avaialability to ensure th diversity of shops.

I say no to monocluture in restaurants....!

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Monoclutter indeed. 

Not sure to understand, Abraco is not a Turkish restaurant. They don't have much space inside because of their counter and therefore want to increase indoor space. Seems rather a good thing as it's a nice coffee shop.

They're 100% Turkish. The menu and staff are Turkish plus there is a proliferation of the eye symbol throughout the shopThe staff are nice, customer service is mostly good and they so make lovely coffee.

Strangely un-Turkish menu

You're right again Michael. Absolutely no sucuk, halloumi, menemen, Turkish bread or Turkish tea on that menu.

Five or six items that might be called Turkish out of 40 doesn’t smack of a Turkish menu to me.

I have never been there but their web-site suggests that they are Portuguese.  Their menu is here: https://www.abracocafe.co.uk/menu

Sounds more like the much missed Lemon cafe than a Turkish restaurant.  Moreover, number 61 with which they wish to merge is not a shop, it's a solicitor's office.

I don't see a problem with this one.  Diversity is good in my view.

I agree precisiely that "diversity is good...."!

And as someone who is sensitive to discrimination and generalisations based on names, I do not want to stir up a hornets' nest of accusations but....the applicant's name is Mr. Ugur Guccuk. This is not Portuguese so is prima facie evidence. Of course my assumption may be completely unfounded.

They may also need to apply for change of use from class B1(?) to class A3, A4 or A5.....

The old retail classes have gone from last September, to be replaced by a single Class E, under which this application has been made. The idea of the change was to make it much easier to for businesses to change the use of a premises, taking control out of the hands of communities and councils and completrly eroding their ability to co-author their high streets.

You are right of course. Tories sowing mayhem as they have means to exert control on ever expanding number of fast food and betting shops in 'their' areas! = My very own prejudiced value judgements.

Would you say Haringey is a Tory area ?

John D, isn't the really interesting question posed by Hugh about local councils' powers or lack of powers "to co-author their High streets" ?
The notion "co-author" being especially interesting. Who does write and rewrite the ongoing story of streets? (As opposed to renaming them for example. Or making-up a fake history about them to tempt buyers in search of Gloria Sarah Titch.)

Which would apply to any local authority  - of whichever political control. Or at least one which wishes to, constraint, control, influence, or otherwise shape and steer, the businesses and other uses of buildings in its main commercial streets, markets and other shopping areas. Assuming of course that the local politicians in control for the time being are not Milton fans.



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