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Yesterday (Thursday 22nd June), a slightly built woman wearing a beret, face-mask, shirt and jeans, extracted my purse from my handbag (which was on my lap) while sitting next to me on a 341 about 12.30.

I had been puzzled as to why she appeared to have an ague, twitching all the time. When I stood up to leave the bus at Philip Lane, I realised what had happened - so blocked her exit and said very firmly "Give me back my purse" several times. Fortunately she dropped it - various other passengers joined in with support (one lovely comment - who’s been naughty then?) and the bus driver kept the doors shut ...so I was lucky or she was new to the job! She passed me walking back from the next stop.

So be alert!

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No idea what ethnicity has to do with it, nor would such a ‘game’ be welcome.

We must treat all frail beret wearing women with equal suspicion.

I've read they're the worst of all

Any more of this vile anti-frail-beret-wearing-women nonsense, Gordon and I'll.....well....I'll...I'll......just you wait and see.....

You can always rely on Livi for a racist remark....

I would think her ethnicity is as important as her sartorial choices and physical build etc if we want to have any idea of this woman if one of us is unlucky enough to encounter her.

Not everything is a racial slur. 

Woman, slightly built, beret, face-mask, shirt, jeans, twitching all the time, next to me.

Those eight characteristics are already sufficient to alert me just fine next time I'm on the bus. Any distraction behaviour is a red flag. And the last time I was defrauded in a minor way was by a well-spoken middle-aged white man, in a not dissimilar situation.

On the bus with zipped up handbag jacket pockets - it does help, Kate...

Oh, and let's try not to feed the troll.

Its safe to assume she wouldn't be exhibiting all of those characteristics on her next shift so it makes sense to describe the elements of her appearance that won't change in the same way you would have described the man who 'defrauded" you as a middle aged English or other white man.

Otherwise, we'll start hearing useless alerts such as 'beware of woman with hat' 'police are warning residents to remain vigilant for men with socks on' etc.

Just wondering who the troll is?

Signing in from the lovely France where the youth are copying Tottenham 2011, again!!

The way a question is asked can be illustrative of certain dispositions.

English ? What does that mean ? If you are born in England & have UK nationality, you are English, whatever your ethnic origin! Some people, including many West Indians (not the same as people from the Caribbean which is a broader group) aren’t happy with this. We’ll see what happens when, 1st Ireland reunifies, then Scotland, and eventually Wales, take their independence back.

My kids are Turkish British, not English. Although they do support England in the football (unless they play Turkey!!!!!)

It's sometimes hard to tell who is English nowadays but its very easy to tell who isn't.



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