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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Peray Ahmet talks about hate mail received following the recent street renaming

Guardian article here: 


From the article:

'Peray Ahmet, the leader of Haringey council, has said her inbox has been filled with messages from people objecting to the name change, much of it incredibly abusive. She said the council took steps to involve residents during discussions, including inviting them to consultations and to vote. “There was door-knocking, there were letter drops, there were a lot of attempts to engage with residents who live on the road. We did a lot of outreach on this.'

Link to her tweet about the abuse here:


Who was it? 

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Do you get your news from Andrew Tate Cem?

What is a muppet show? Like puppets?

In the literal sense muppets are puppets, yes. Look up The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock.

But in contemporary British slang, it means someone who's a bit of a dunce, especially someone oblivious to having embarrassed themselves in public.


Thank you. I like it. It sounds appropriate.

A few bits of hate mail among a sea of accountability mail! 

I notice the other councillors are not exactly overt in their support for this but Councillor Eldridge Calverwell is the only one who comes out of it with his reputation in tact.

He opposed it from the start and ironically is the only one to have actually lived in a genuinely racist society.

I quite liked his take on it actually. 

Well, I think everybody has to calm down and get over this now.

As I think has been discussed here, the cost was relatively small in terms of Haringey's budget. And as the Guardian article says, there were black people who didn't like the old name, and probably others who were afraid to say so. It always made me feel a litttle queasy, and I'm a sort of pinky colour!

True, there are greater ills for the council to concentrate on, but best to lobby them on those and put this behind us

Can't agree more. Once it gets to the point of hatred, time to ponder whether this is really the hill one wants to die on.

That's why I shared this news item.

The original council cost estimate included £50,000 for staff costs for dealing with the name change and a sum for the council’s legal costs. Obviously the former hasn’t been included in Cllr Ahmet’s estimate of expenditure so far and I’d be very surprised if the legal bills have been either, so I doubt the £50,000+ she quotes is anything like the true cost. Upwards of £100,000 still seems more likely.

Clearly the personal abuse directed at Cllr Ahmet is vile, but the council would have been on much safer ground if it a) hadn’t imposed the “choice” of names without asking residents for their own suggestions, and b) hadn’t overruled the clear choice of the road’s residents not to change the name at all. Cllr Ahmet defends the change on the grounds that there were extensive consultations and involvement of local people, but the council’s own reports show that the crucial objections — from those actually living on BBL — were ignored. 

The eventual cost may be a drop in the ocean of Haringey’s total budget, but it’s still money that could have been put to practical use to help relieve current poverty and deprivation. The council’s priorities appear to be seriously skewed if they think  changing a street name is more important than trying to help residents cope with housing needs, fuel poverty or lack of food.

Interesting how some here are declaring how they're taking themselves off to Twitter, reading the visible posts, & trying to judge for themselves whether or not the complaints in the article were justified. They perhaps aren't aware that Tweets can be removed, so they won't necessarily have seen the offending ones.

Also, Ms Ahmet refers to her inbox, so no one here will be able to judge that content for themselves, unless she chooses to publicly share the unpleasantness, which would only prolong the problem. 

...referring to the newspaper article. Her Tweet shows some of it; I'd suspect others, unrepeatable/worse, have been sent for police investigation.

I questioned this and nothing was reported to Police because her accusations were unsubstantiated. In fact a lot of her tweets showing so called abuse were cut, pasted and joined. How do you know they were even real? Do you recall her accusations during the firsts anti LTN March where she claimed that staff were abused and threatened and the cabinet meeting was cancelled? This was proved as untrue, so take her accusations with a pinch of salt. If she is receiving such, report to Police and let them take the actions needed. 



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