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Has anyone been having any issues with people going through their bins? We're on Roseberry Gardens and have twice asked people (one man, one woman) to stop rifling through our bins.

Today someone has come and removed our bin bags from the wheelie bins and torn them open.


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Good Chap! This is low level stuff tbs but bloody annoying.......Did you call 999 or the other one???

Happens on our street all the time (N15) I'm constantly telling them (man and a women) to get out of my bins they just move on to the neighbour.  I've told the police and they say they can't do anything about it.

My neighbour last week had an argument with the man he just wouldn't get off her property he just carried on going through the bins.

It seems to be a serious problem in Haringey.

I intend to report it via 111 tomorrow morning.

I'd previously noticed tears in our bins, like a fox had been at them but wasn't convinced, especially as we're right next to a kebab shop which is a better target for them. Perhaps this is a result of the bin rummagers.

I asked MPS Haringey last year when they were having a twitter Q & A and this was their reply - guess they are still looking into it!

MPS Haringey
 The Neighbourhood Policing Team are looking into this issue. Remember to shred personal info so it cant be used by others

Yes - saw a man and woman going through bins this morning on Venetia Road - woman with a headscarf and bloke in a white transit van.  I challenged them on my way to work about 8.30 this morning - and she walked off saying they'd be back!  I dread to think what I'll come home to.    With some foresight, I should have taken the van registration number. :-(

Seen them both in my street. The scavengers are a plague.  Leave anything metal out overnight, it will be gone come next morning.  On the one hand it's saved me some trips to the tip, on the other hand I've seen them make a mess while going through overfull bins.

There's also a guy (late teens - mid 20's, dark hair, dark olive skin) on a bicycle scouting front yards - he cycles on the pavement and when "striking gold" calls up a van for collection.  Don't think it's the same van.

I've considered putting locks on my bins but I'll just forget to undo them when the bin men come.

Where they are from material objects are viewed as having value. Nothing is wasted or thrown away that may have even the tiniest value. It is US here that are the freaks, don't you see that ?   

But the point is, they are not where they are from - they are here. And we don't do that here.

A few months ago I saw an Asian woman wearing Indian attire going through our bins. She was using a buggy, did not have a car. When I challenged her she appeared not to understand. I live in Crouch End.

Maybe she didn't understand, maybe she did but chose to appear not to… never quite sure. She may have been one of those doing it as a living. Do you want this? I guess in the end we have to come to this. Some people don't mind, others do. We have to make our own minds up perhaps and challenge, or not challenge those we catch in the act. 

Absolutely agree with James Walsh.  I live in Hong Kong, where nothing is wasted or thrown away.  Impoverished people, usually old ladies, rummage through discarded items as a matter of course.  There is a rubbish collection point opposite my home.  I once placed a working but tatty electric fan there and in the 4 minutes it took to get back to my 6th floor flat it had, as I expected, gone.

Why should you worry if someone is going through your dustbin?  It's a dustbin for goodness sake!  It contains things you don't want.  If people less well off than you can make use of them, then isn't it a bit mean-spirited to stop them?

That said, I do take the point that "it isn't done here" and thus might leave a feeling of unease, but it's not a crime and harms no one, so perhaps it should be done here.  I think the scavengers need to be educated not to rip bags open and leave the rubbish exposed though.

I take your point about scavenging for anything that can resold. I tend to leave anything that might be of use to someone on my front wall anyway. That bit doesn't worry me too much (though the mess sometimes left and someone standing and peering through my front window does) it's the taking of documents. I shred but not everyone does. I got a guy on video last year systematically going through the bins on my street and pocketing letters whenever he found them. No matter how careful you are, something useful to fraudsters can end up in the bin. It was being a victim of ID fraud that made me buy a shredder.



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