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Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how/where I can get passport photos done in these lockdown days? (Not going anywhere anytime soon but need good quality ones for ID!).



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If you have a smartphone, you can take your own photos and upload them as long as someone else takes the picture i.e. not a selfie. The last round of passports I did I just uploaded pics from my phone, following the rules and they accepted them 


That's very useful! Thanks, Liz.  Did you need to print them out? I have to get my signed on the back!

Ah okay. I did get them printed on Green Lanes at one of the print shops (I had to remind them not to alter them!) after sizing them on the computer but the last time as I didn't need to get them signed because it was an online renewal I just uploaded them straight to the website which automatically detects if they are suitable or not. 

Otherwise, I recall you used to be able to get them done at Parade chemists which is still open.  

Thanks, Liz!

I managed to get away with a selfie when I renewed my NZ passport - my last one expired 10 years ago and I've visited on my UK passport, but when they closed the borders I needed a way to get to my mum if I have to! Truffle photo but that just means I'll look at it in ten years' time and decide I've aged well.

I live alone so a selfie was my only option!

At least with a selfie you can edit it! Happy to hear that you got your passport sorted.

Plenty of places online will print them and send to you.


Thanks, Andrew! Also, just found out that Tesco (north circular) are doing them in the store - and so are Snappy Snaps in Kentish Town - not the nearest but I had assumed that all would be closed.

Thank you for your responses!

Sainsbury's and Morrisons on Stamford Hill have photo booths. The Harringay one is supposed to too... but not sure given building works.

Thanks, Will!

For some reason I noticed the photo booth in Harringay Sainsburys when I was there at the weekend. Looked functional enough.

Boots in Wood Green definitely had them as well, but that was a couple of years ago.

Thanks for your reply, Ian! I’ll check Sainsburys! ( I’ve never noticed that one!?!)



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