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Some of you bikees are going to love this!

A couple of weeks ago I parked slightly over the line in a half-empty Sainsbury's car park. You can imagine how delighted I was to return to my car after shopping to find I'd received a ticked for "parking out of bay" from Euro Car Parks, Sainsbury's contractor. A £50 fine. Wonderful.

I don't disagree with the parking area being "policed". I'm sure it gets abused and needs it. But common sense and courtesy to customers ought to prevail. An inch or two over the line in a half-empty car park ought not to occasion a fine of £2, let alone £50.

I tried talking to the parking attendants who just pretty much stone-walled me. I wasn't best pleased. So, after a week or so I got round to writing my appeal letter (appeal by mail only - I guess email makes it too easy). I copied the letter by email to Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury's.

I had an almost immediate reply from Sainsbury's to say they'd received my letter and would get back to me soon. Today was a week later so this morning I sent a follow-up mail to this chap and again cc'd Justin King.

Just now I had a phone call from Justin King's Office to apologise for not having come back to me sooner and to let me know that the ticket has been cancelled. They also assured me that they've asked Euro Car Parks to be a little less heavy-handed and use some common sense when issuing tickets.

I'd have to say that I'm satisfied with a fairly good response from Sainsbury's but do not anticipate an immediate culture change at ECP.

My logic in publishing this wee story is as an information point for any neighbours who may have encountered the same issue.

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Shame they are not switched on enough to ticket the idiots who park in the access roadway right by the crossings making it dangerous for people to cross or the ones who park cars in the motorcycle bays.
There is only a 'voluntary' regulation code for private parking companies. Once again this issue was discussed on You & Yours today. Basically they'll ticket anything and clamp whatever they like;

You have photoshopped this. I cannot believe they would do this to an Ambulance. Stop stirring.
But let's remember this isn't just any car park; this is a Sainsbury's car park. So cowboy behaviour just shouldn't figure in to the equation.
Because they have subcontracted another firm to do the fining etc this will always happen.

Bankers are hungry for that really profitable deal because they get a share in the profit and parking attendants are hungry to give you that ticket because they get a share in the fine. I don't think either suffer from the deal being marked back down to 0 afterward.

Solution? On yer bike!
Martin Lewis (linked to above) has also put a full step by step guide re private parking tickets here

(and deals with council parking tickets here, if anyone is interested)
Ha ha Hugh thats one for the scrap book. I have not had anything like that happen to me.
But i have a 100% success rate with my penalty charge notices in the last year being cancelled (11). The last was by Westminster who are notoriously difficult. contact me if you have had a PCN (penalty charge notice or parking ticket) so i can advise. You'll be suprised how easy it is to challenge them.
I've also managed to challenge a number of tickets successfully over the years. No CEO needed!
Hi James,
I live in Mattison and am a regular reader, if not contributor, to Harringay on line. I would like to take you up on your offer of assistance.
On 22/10 in Enfield whilst doing some work for my dqughter I receved PCN for 'PARKED IN A
SPECIAL ENFORCEMENT AREA ADJACENT TO A DROPPED FOOTWAY' . I intend to appeal and would be grateful for any help available.
Thanks in advance.
John at 79.
Dear james.
I am a regular reader of Harringay on line but not a contributor. On 22/10 whilst doing some work at my daughters house I received a PCN for- PARKED IN A SPECIAL AREA ADJACENT TO A DROPPED FOOTWAY .
I intend to appeal and would be grateful for any advice please. Thanks in advance
John at 79
Pity they are not as keen on ticketing people parking in the disabled or children's parking spaces...



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