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Does anyone have a Daily Telegraph subscription so I could read this: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/06/26/how-leisure-charity...

The lovely Park Road centre is falling into a disgraceful state of repair: Indoor swimming pool has been shut, outdoor one heating and chlorine levels up and down, indoor gym facilities broken and major leaks that one of freelance teachers had to catch with buckets while running a class, freelancers have been told they can’t work, one of long-standing staff members has disappeared, management noticeable by its absence, indoor showers shut last week as “steam setting off fire alarm”, flooring in a shoddy state….  Feels like we need to ask questions but can’t bring self to subscribe to Daily Telegraph and deal with unsubscribe hassle to find out more.  

Of course if someone is already on the case, please say!

Thanks, Siân 

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Don - sorry for the slow response. I don't think Councillors must have a 'business' background but they do need to have basic skills in financial management and procurement. After all, they are responsible for ensuring that the Council (ie. Council staff) is delivering services efficiently and effectively whether that be directly or through outsourced providers. Without such skills how could the councillors be able to hold the council staff to account? If they don't have those skills they shouldn't be elected. However and unfortunately, in Haringey, as FPR notes below, people blindly vote Labour over and over again. Consequently, the Labour party has no incentive to ensure that its candidates or sitting councillors can actually do the job they're elected to do. That's why Haringey Borough is in the state it's in and why there are continual financial scandals and mismanagement such as this. Even the numptiest numpty would have ensured that the contract with Fusion has clauses and performamce measures which actually require them to deliver the service. If that's not the case then the person in the council who signed the contract should be sacked for gross misconduct based on their incompetence.

Haringey is complete effed because Labour will rightly win the next general election nationally so locally we are guaranteed a pure shit show of lazy local management because there is zero chance of Labour losing. 

It’s like giving a company  a multi year contract and letting them know there is zero chance they can get sacked whatever they do.

Worst possible outcome ever.

This is handy for reading articles in papers you wouldn't ever do a full subscription for: https://www.removepaywall.com/ 

If we all used it for everything there might not be paper's to read- but I'll leave that up to people's individual consciences! 

Thanks Betty and to all others.  Update: I wrote to Fusion,  Julie Davies - Haringey, and Catherine West.  Julie Davies got straight back to me:

"As you probably anticipate, we are currently dealing with a volume of complaint and shortfall which is frankly not being fully addressed by the company. 
I have passed your complaints on to council officer who are pursing these matters and indeed others. "

Thanks for the update, that's good news that the council are looking into the complaints. Let's hope they take them seriously.

I went for a swim yesterday at the indoor pool and the changing rooms were disgusting, so much muck and dirt on the floor. The pool itself was really grimy and the water cloudy.

There were also hardly any other swimmers there. I think this is because Fusion is insisting on sticking to its pandemic booking-only scheme rather than letting people swim as and when they want. They must be losing so much money for that reason, especially at weekends, when families would come with their children but now you have to book in advance. 

I find this pre-booking malarkey deeply frustrating. After having a long break due to illness I want to go back to swimming as part of my recovery but I can’t really decide a few days in advance if I’ll be well enough to do a few lengths!  I thought it must just be Haringey but every pool I’ve looked at north of the Thames, including those not run by Fusion, still insist on pre-booking

Yes we have to book all the classes and they’re always full if you don’t book ahead. The only thing l can suggest is if you have the app you can cancel 4hours before session without being charged. The app is very easy to use.

Good luck with your recovery.

Thanks Annie

The pricing structure nudges people to monthly/annual membership. To be fair, if you do use the facilities regularly, they are good value. If you do that you can book for lots of sessions  a week ahead and cancel an hour ahead. 

The lido at Park Road is a pretty wonderful place to swim. Heated all year round.



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