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On my way to and from Sainsbury's today, a walk of two blocks, I have been asked for money three times by quite well dressed young women who initially seem to be wanting directions and then say they need money. It's different from the usual homelessness issues on GL and smacks of something organised. There is also an older woman who patrols up and down repeatedly asking for money, and yesterday I saw her hand over a bag of shopping to a very smartly dressed woman outside Tesco's, chat for a while, and then resume her begging.

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Just came back from Green Lanes and there were a group of young men dividing up money with another young guy who had been sitting in the pavement begging when I passed an hour before.

I agree it has changed as you say very distinctly over the last month or so... Still see tall Ben roaming up and down the street but he seems to have lost his pitch under the bridge. Anyone know what happened there? Things built up over Autumn with tents and tin can braziers then they all went in one go... . 

I was relieved to Ben a few weeks back as didn't see him for a long time after everything was cleared away from under Harringay GLanes bridge. I wondered what had happened to him and the others. Not sure where his pitch is now, I hope he has some sort of accommodation and comes out during the day to do his thing. 

Those women are very annoying and I walk right past them 

Saw Ben this morning having a chat with one of the Viola sweepers

Good for him. I noticed he got a 'new' coat a few weeks back. 

He and 3 others have been loitering around Glenwood and Avondale and Conway Roads this week. They've been going into front gardens to take drugs and go to the toilet. His companions have so been trying doors and windows. Several people have reported it to the police.

Sorry to hear that. These guys used to do similar things in my street/neighbouring streets. Then they were gone, clearly found pastures new.

The same thing happened to me Thursday afternoon, but at the entrance to Waterlow Park on Highgate Hill.

Yep outside Tescos is a particular problem at the moment. I had a guy begging as I got cash last week - obviously the view being you can't say "I haven't got any cash" if he's seen you get some!

I generally don't mind it - I'll always acknowledge, say I've no money and move on - but it does feel like things have ramped up recently. As I've said before on here, I'm a daft lump so it doesn't intimidate me, but feel like it definitely could others - short of dobbing them in to the police and getting them in trouble, I'm not sure what to suggest.

This was happening at the Greek Church on Lausanne Road. I saw men collecting the takings from the women begging there. I asked the church to let their congregation know.

Sure the Store Security must have got pictures of them. Had them at Edmonton Tesco. But Store moves them on. also aware there are several camps outside Ikea. Where people beg at junction and in Car Park. But again Store keeps them outside Store and Car Park. I have seen Mobile Police Vans parked up in Car Park, marked up a Video Unites . My comment to beggars, sorry I only use cards, fact 

Thankfully I do not need to walk along Our Shopping areas 

Yes, it is organised. They have homes, money and cars, and make more money out of those who are gullible enough to fall for their stories. You'll see genuine homeless people who act differently from these gangs - ie, they rarely approach you, just sit quietly outside shops with signs asking for help.



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