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I am sooooo frustrated with the council's new online parking voucher tool. First of all, it's actually a separate website with a different log-in despite looking very similar to the original council website. For some reason, I can never get my password to work. I have to keep requesting a new one. Last night, all of my requests failed and my partner ended up with a ticket this morning. 

Using the website makes me so incredibly frustrated, I've never experienced such a terrible interface! It makes me feel like a complete luddite... and I have a Masters and PhD in computer science. If I struggle to use it, what does that mean for others???

Anyway... Does anyone know how to get in touch with them about the site? Do I really just have to email them? How incredibly annoying.

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i attempted to update online my nearly out of date visitors permits last night. i gave up after couple of hours and am simply giving them away on another post here.

Spent an inordinate amount of time this morning renewing my permit. Website is pretty awful and not very intuitive! Not looking forward to buying visitor permits…looks like a 15minute process to purchase one!

Can we still get paper ones? If so I would like some.  I really hate that website as it is terrible to use and time consuming to use plus the fact that my privacy is being invaded by having to record details of who is visiting me and when as you have to put in time and date and number plate of visitor. Not that I’m doing anything dodgy… but we really should not have to give so much detail away to anybody. Also what happens if you have visitors when internet is down, as it often is? Or if you need to have more than two visitors with cars visiting you at a time? 

Hi there, 

How do you get paper ones? Can you still queue up for them in the library?



It is an incredibly awful concept that manages to treat law-abiding citizens - like HoL readers - like criminals trying to fleece the system. What does that do for community cohesion? And the website is HOPELESS.

Does anyone know if there is any better place to complain than just 'to the council'?

How about You and Yours on BBC Radio 4 or another consumer programme on TV or radio? 

I know, I have used it once, and it took me an hour to set it up. A nightmare

Hi Bee

I have been contacting the senior officers about this and will continue.  If you email me I will follow up on the specific issue of your parking ticket (I need the reference number, and your car license details) I will also be raising more questions about the website and its accessibility in response to the points made by people on this thread. 

My email is: zena.brabazon@haringey.gov.uk


Zena Brabazon
Cllr, Harringay ward

What you should be doing is lobbying other Cllr’s and do what the residents want and get rid of this virtual permits by uniting together and fight for your constituents 

Hello Zena can you please tell me specifically how we can get paper permits? Someone has said we can request them but from whom? What is the process? How long does it take? Where do we have to go? 

I get an error message while trying to buy visitor parking permits. I contacted the council through the contact form on there over a week ago. Still no reply. 

Max — error messages on visitor permit purchase are much easier to get than the permits themselves! I never got a reply to my complaint via the contact form either, so eventually persevered (with a 25-minute wait) on the main Council phone number and finally got a helpful person who a) registered my complaint and b) suggested I try to only buy 2 or 3 permits a time (instead of the maximum 9 supposedly available in any one transaction), which worked as a temporary fix. However, it’s maddening having to make multiple separate purchases in the first place — I used to buy a batch of, say, 20 or so of the paper hourly permits to keep in stock for visitors, tradespeople, etc, but the new system won’t allow this, and you also can’t mix-and-match hourly and daily permits in one transaction: if you want some of each, you have to buy one sort first, come out, then log in again to buy the other type. The website is extremely badly designed, full of bugs and almost impossible to use; Taranto systems, who actually run it (if you look at the web address) claim to deal with councils across the UK, but all I can say is that council taxpayers everywhere are being ripped-off if this service is typical.



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