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I work for a young people's service in Haringey and we often house homeless young people in their own accommodation. They will often have very little family support and be on low incomes. Due to the current climate it is increasingly hard to apply for funds for items which are considered non essential. However living in a room without TV or radio can be very isolating and depressing for a young person.

If you have old TV's following the digital switch over we will be happy to collect as these TV's can still be used by simply connecting them to a digital box which is far cheaper than buying a new TV.

All help appreciated.

Pls contact Andreas



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Hi Andreas, Wishing you the best of luck. Can you tell us all more about the service you work for? It will help people if they know exactly who and what they're giving to.


Have, you, or your organisation joined Haringey Freecycle? There are usually several TVs offered each week on there.

Best wishes

Hi Andy

I would be interested to have more information. How an we do this in person?


Well, I hope your managers realise how lucky they are to have someone working for them who is willing to go the extra mile!
Good on ya. Be sure to let HoL know of anything else needed.


I think I may have one.

I will check the TV later today when I visit the property I am renovating. The managing agent has given me permission to dispose of it as i see fit. I just need to check that its working ok.

Can you collect?

Hi, Do you still want televisions. I have just updated and don't need my old one. I also have a free view box to go with it.




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