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It's very noisy outside my place this evening as something big going on at the Kurdish centre. It seems most Sundays there is something happening with some noise of car horns, squealing and chanting but tonight is much worse. The street is jammed with cars, it's all going on. 

We all have our right to protest or celebrate in public but I feel we also have a right to some peace and quiet at home on a Sunday evening. The car horns is particularly grating. I fear this is going on for some hours longer. It's hard to consider where the balance lies isn't it? 

No doubt some people will simply advise me to move! 

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Ok, just heard the news about the Turkish elections, hence tonight's celebrations. 

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/07/turkey-election-prelim... If the guardian report is correct we should all go and join them.

Tempted. Very pleased for them.

Come down then. It's rammed. And still very noisy. 

It was mental in chipping norton. Bentley horns are very loud

Have you had a word with the GRA?

Earplugs can be obtained from the nearest open-all-hours pharmacist, very like. 

BBC report here, on the surprise loss of power by the ruling party in Turkey, and the gaining of seats for the first time by the pro-Kurdish HDP party (they got more than 10% of the vote, isn't PR wonderful) - logos for them on some of the hooty-tooty cars' bonnets.

Some locals have cause to celebrate an election result, then. Oh well, good for them.

I agree. There is a balance but car horns still going on at 10pm is just too much... 

Thanks for support. It would be bearable without the car horns (and perhaps the car music as well.) Don't think there will be much sleep tonight. 

It's seems to come in waves... I think they're doing victory laps!

This is good news.
From the Guardian -"In a major blow to the AKP’s (Erdogans party) chances to remake the constitution, the Peoples’ Democratic party (HDP) managed to breach the election threshold by garnering over 11% of the national vote and win seats in parliament.
“This is a golden opportunity for the HDP,” said Özcan. “Voters in Turkey endorse democracy in Turkey across identity boundaries.”
The pro-Kurdish HDP runs on a platform defending the rights of ethnic minorities, women, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
I'm just back from Green Lanes and there is a great atmosphere.



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