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One of the options now being looked at on Hewit Rd instead of changing its direction is to have a No Right Turn out of it on to Green Lanes, so i've wondered a bit about No Right Turns. They seem easier to get done than some other changes and people accept them more readily even though in some places they can have quite a dramatic traffic reduction effect as similar as blocking off a road completely.

There are a few existing ones around Harringay to look at to see how they work, on Willougby RdLothair Rd North and South, and a couple over the tracks at Inderwick Rd and Nelson Rd. The Lothair Rd S one is interesting. it happened relatively recently (2008) and still has documents up on the council website, the consultation and report, which shows us how they got it to happen. They had a meeting between residents and the council in December 2006 asking for it and then it got made in Feb 2008.

So where else in Harringay could use a No Right Turn?

Out of Umfreville to Wightman Rd would stop all the traffic that uses Umfreville to bypass Green Lanes, someone even asked for that in the Green Lanes statutory notification, and it could be made exactly like the Lothair Rd South one.

A No Right Turn from Green Lanes into Falkland would prevent all the traffic it gets from Alfoxton Ave/West Green Rd. That could be done like the Lothair Rd N one and with the new pedestrian crossing going in on Green Lanes by Falkland it would be relatively easy to just extend the central island down a bit to block the right turn. That would be good for the northern Ladder plan too because then we wouldn't need to change the Falkland direction.

Where else? It seems like now might be a good time to be asking, who else wants one?

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But what about those of us who live here, and use our cars? A no-right-turn at the top of my one-way street (Umfreville) would mean that every single time I left the house I would find myself forced to drive to the roundabout at the junction with Endymion, a stretch of road that is oftenvery clogged up with traffic. If I wanted to go in the direction of Wood Green, I'd have to do a dangerous 360-degree turn around that roundabout and head back the way I'd come.

To be honest, given our previous experience with a no-right-turn at the bottom of this road, when the street was one-way in the other direction for a while, I think a lot of people would ignore the sign, or do stupid u-turns, which would be highly dangerous.

Lothair Rd N functions as a two-way road - it is only at the junction with GL that it is left-turn-only - so at least there are other options for escape!

I agree there is a lot of through traffic on the Ladder, but there is also a lot of resident's traffic - the one-way system actually creates extra driving miles for everyone. I am "through-traffic" on Burgoyne, but it's an essential part of my route home, unless we are all willing to drive only on the main roads, which I'm not.

We cannot possible have it all. We cannot aspire to less traffic asking others to use ours streets less and at the same time pretend that the restrictions will not inconvenience us at times...

The Gardens is residents only traffic, but it also means that it is no longer possible for residents to use the access that used to exist from Kimberley Gardens to St Ann's Rd. However no-one can argue that the situatin is now much better than when the Gardens was a rat race for traffic between St Ann's Rd and Green Lanes...

I did suggest the no right turn on Umfreville Rd to the Council. Whilst it will not avoid cars still using my road as a way of avoiding the traffic lights at Endymion Rd to turn right there, at least it will avoid all the traffic using my street to avoid the Green Lanes traffic heading North.

I attended several months ago a traffic meeting at The Salisbury and I suggested that the same (adapted) policy could apply to each street in the Ladder (eg. at the top of the Ladder it should be no turning left etc). At that meeting the attendants seemed more concerned about other more vague proposals but I do believe the a no right or no left turning will certainly help us all and it will be very achievable from the Council.

Has anyone done a traffic count at each junction? Peoples perception of their own road being the busiest may not in fact be the case. Changing roads piecemeal may simply move the traffic onto other ladder roads.
I think that the busiest mid ladder 'rung' is Warham Road. This road has a direct feed from St Annes Road taking traffic (including heavy goods vehicles) east to west on a rat run up to Wightman Road, so if you want to reduce traffic to Wightman Road why not stop that.
Warham Road also has the left turn from Green Lanes, the traffic light on the corner enabling slowing and turning more easily, the proximity to very busy shops such as Yasar Halim and Gokuzu and the consequent parking issues, the new taxi service on the corner making parking more difficult and increasing traffic; in the morning there is often a queue from Warham onto Wightman Road...etc
In my opinion the amount of traffic on the other rungs pales in comparison to that on Warham Road however this is not the issue as it should not be a case of traffic solutions according to which road or area has the most vocal or active residents, the whole area should be considered otherwise it just shifts the problem onto other peoples door steps.
As Maddy has said the one-way system itself has created a lot of extra traffic with residents driving down adjacent 'rung' roads and along Green Lanes or Whightman Road, in order to get to their own road.

Do not disagree with the observation that Warham could be the busiest ladder road.

Interestingly the junction at the top of Warham was recently altered (if memory serves correct- when the humps were put in). The top of the road was reduced from a left and right filter to exit the road onto Wightman to a single lane. The result is that traffic backs up down the road as those trying to cross the busy southbound carriageway to get onto the equally busy northbound side block everyone else in, as opposed to allowing those filtering out southbound to do so as rapidly as space permits.

I do not remember any discussion of why this happened, or whether locals were consulted (??) Nor is the logic clear, but it is clear that it slows the flow of traffic out of the road, and undoubtably has knock on effects down the road... 

Right now, residents of Warham Rd are pestering Hugh to have this deleted because it affects property values.

Its also a bit of a distraction. It doesn't really matter which are the busiest roads, if we can find something that will make other roads a bit better we should go for it, we don't need to wait till the other bigger problems are fixed first. Like Matt says, a no right turn would be seriously good for residents of Falkland Rd, and if they're doing one at Hewit it will be much harder to turn one down on Falkland, so nows the time to be asking for it.

I live at the top of Warham and you really do have to see it to beleive it. In the morning rush with vehicles back up at the junction with Wightman way down the street with engines revving. Traffic is a actively encouraged to use the road (with traffic from St Anne's and Salisbury Roads being directed up Warham at speed)

I completely agree though that a piecemeal approach is not what is needed. The stretch of Ladder roads along Green Lanes will be impacted by decisions on even one road.

That is every road heading east->west in the morning Michael, in varying degrees of course.

Thats not quite right, Warham is worse than others because its had its junction narrowed so that only one car can turn at a time. So cars turning right get delayed while waiting for a gap in the Wightman traffic which causes cars to back up on Warham Rd. Most other east-west Ladder roads are wide enough so that the left turning cars can still go even when there is a car waiting to turn right:

Not possible on Lausanne or Raleigh.

Finally some sense to this traffic plan babble! A no right turn into Falkland Rd would be seriously good for residents of Falkland Rd. We are a black cab cut through, which means we are almost as bad as Frobisher!



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