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May have found a significant newt in Wood Green and want to run it through someone in the council but who to tell? Neighbour found a black one twice the size. This is little finger big without the tail. 

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I've not had this one before! I've asked our candidates and local party members.



(Former Councillor and current Council candidate for Harringay Ward)

Haringey has a nature conservation officer you could ask about this: Annabel.foskett@haringey.gov.uk

Thanks, I sent a message but she must be busy, I will wait. 

This might help. It looks like a Great Crested newt, but without the crests which they develop in the breeding season


Picture of one without crests  

If it should prove to be please keep the exact location secret. They are a protected species and its very important that people i.e. collectors don't find out where they are

My friend and colleague, Cllr  Justin Hinchcliffe, has suggested that you might like to try ed.santry@haringey.gov.uk 

Good luck!

Ed left a few months ago. It's Annabel now (see above)

Time was the Real Labour Party had its own resident newtrologist. Every Party worth voting for should have at least one. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2010/mar/20/ken-livingston... 


Looking at the tail it looks like a baby lizard to me. Perhaps a common lizard:-



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