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It's the first day of summer and the new trees just planted on Wightman are already stressed.

If only they could have been planted next season when the risk of loosing the trees decreases.

If you live near a tree could you please pour a bucket of water into the black pipe beside the tree to help with their survival - we can't rely on the council alone who's Tree and Nature Conservation team are very stretched.

Many thanks

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Can you say whereabouts they are at the moment Nick?  None around my end of the Ladder so far (Warham)

As far south as Falkland. They may also have been planted at the southern end where the works have been completed. 

Nick. I have sent something to the council to ask them to hold off planting more trees until the autumn. Lets see how responsive they are. I copied you in...

Not seen your email. I emailed Alex Fraser last week but I received an out of office. Is that who you contacted?

Drowning is the least of their worries!

Also noticed these trees were in desperate need of a drink. They really look as though they could die. I live a bit far to transport a bucket but really hope the council will water the poor things!

They seem to have planted one at the top of Pem that I spotted the other day and it was on its last legs so I headed up to put some water on it. No idea if it picked up but will check today. Honestly, planting trees in May & June!!!

They have been planted in gravel pits :(

I believe that’s quite normal as these chicanes act as SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems). You’ll notice the dropped curb next to the pavements for rainwater to flow into. If the tree pits have been partially filled with gravel, that will act as a soak system for the pit to take in the rainwater. 

Blimey Nick, you are starting to scare me. When did you suddenly become an urban design engineer?

Well there's nothing sustainable about them now - they've redesigned these chicanes as they probably realised the pits weren't able to soak up all the surface water. They are now building curbs on the pavement side of the chicanes to create a gully for rainwater to pass. No doubt the chicanes at the junctions where the curbs do not have a continuous run will simply fill up and pour over the pavement.

At the moment I can't see any newly planted trees in the southern section of the roadworks.

But I did see a badly damaged build-out section, where the kerbstones had been hit and dislodged. Already.



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