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New Transport Plan Allocates £5M to Alleviate Crouch End Traffic Problems

A new Sustainable Transport Plan has just been approved which sets out the Council's approach to managing the highways infrastructure".

I imagine that the Council's intention is to deal with the most pressing issues and tackle the areas of most need first. So it's gratifying to see that the biggest single spend detailed is £5 million on the Crouch End Liveable Neighbourhood plan. 

This will see investment in schemes that directly "make walking and cycling a safe, enjoyable and convenient option, supporting small businesses by making Crouch End's streets cleaner, safer and more enjoyable places to spend time".

Full plan attached.

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The Plan doesn't seem to explain very well what Liveable Neighbourhoods funding is... I understand the situation as it currently stands is that Haringey have put in a bid to TfL for £5.8m of Liveable Neighbourhoods funding for a project centred on Crouch End. So far the only money actually allocated by TfL is been a (somewhat more modest) sum to allow the plans to be developed further. TfL will provide the full funding only if the full plan meets their criteria. Hopefully lots of opportunities to come for everyone to have their say on the plans and improve them!

The quietway from Enfield to Clerkenwell is going to go through Crouch End. This is HILARIOUS! It's as if they think that the hills there are nothing. Some of those roads are bad enough to walk up but to cycle? Really?

It would have been eminently more sensible to route it through a filtered Wightman Rd to Finsbury Park whereupon it quite nicely becomes Islington's problem. Even an unfiltered Wightman would be more sensible than Uplands Rd but then the good burghers of Crouch End (who use Wightman as an urban motorway) wouldn't get getting millions spent prettying up their already nice neighbourhood and further inflating their house values.

The number 1 potential cycle route identified in TfL's Strategic Cycling Analysis goes through Crouch End (Wood Green to Kentish Town). Unlike the somewhat niche appeal of the Quietway route you mention, this should provide a very high quality route, entirely separated from other traffic. Liveable Neighbourhoods should deliver this for the section from Hornsey station to near Archway - but only if we campaign for it, others support it, and TfL keep the quality control bar suitably high.

That Quietway route should be improved if the Liveable Neighbourhoods gets the part about low traffic neighbourhoods right. But yes we are of the opinion that the Quietway route in its current form is probably useful for some local connections, but is not a suitable replacement for a strategic cycle route further to the east.

Why do you think Wightman would be a niche appeal route HCC?

I think the proposed Quietway goes through Stroud Green using the currently signposted route up to Hornsey Police Station, down Inderwick and then up the other side to Ridge Road. I'm fairly sure most cyclists currently going from Wood Green to Kentish Town (or anywhere further south) are more likely to use Wightman Road rather than that? Wightman's hills are easier and the total height to ascend is less.

Hello Joe. The Quietway route is proposed to go on Uplands Road - that's why that route has 'niche appeal' (due to gradients and sharing with buses) and as I said above is 'not a suitable replacement for a strategic cycle route further to the east' (further to the east of Uplands Road, on flatter more direct roads!). Sorry that wasn't clear in the earlier message!

Yes sorry I misunderstood. So there will be a new Quietway on Uplands parallel to the existing signposted route which I think is on Inderwick. I predict this will be very quiet indeed!

Plus there will be a new fully segregated cycle path through Crouch End itself, with other "mini-Holland" type measures to make Crouch End a Liveable Neighbourhood. I will be delighted to see this.

Incidentally one of the reasons I was given for the council decision not to introduce modal filtering on Wightman Road is that it displaced traffic into neighbouring areas such as the A-roads in Crouch End, and they didn't have the budget to mitigate possible impacts on journey times. It will be interesting to see how much of the £5m budget to make Crouch End a Liveable Neighbourhood will be spent mitigating the traffic impact on this side of the tracks.

What do " Quietway " and " Niche appeal " mean ?

I couldn't find these in the linked STWP document.

Hello. To quote TfL Quietways are 'ideal for people who want to cycle on lower-traffic streets, especially if they are new to cycling in London'. Given that this Quietway is proposed to be routed up (supposedly) the steepest residential street in North London, on a narrow road that is a bus route, it's not likely to have widespread appeal to those 'new to cycling in London' (='Niche appeal')

Thanks. That's clear

I must admit, whenever I've tried to use Quietways routes they've never been particularly good. They tend to meander a lot with loads of junctions and, during rush hour, often still quite a bit of traffic.

The other thing I noticed was the budgeting for the Green Lanes Traffic Review Implementation, £275k. If that was the level of budget they were working with then it was never going to be too ambitious.

This is great news. The Crouch End broadway and Crouch End Hill in particular are ridiculously busy. The 20mph limit is also useless. Cars go by at least 40-50mph here, and in particular when going uphill, create tremendous noise.

If the CE Broadway and the CE Hill are ridiculously busy, how do drivers manage to get up to 40-50 MPH ? I've never been able to get anywhere near 20 MPH.



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