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From the Tottenham Journal

HARINGEY has opened its first school for beekeepers to help boost the dwindling number of bees in the UK.

A worrying shortage of bees has prompted beekeeper Dr Fred Clark to set up the Haringey Teaching Apiary in the Alexandra Palace Allotments, officially launching the scheme on Monday, April 11.

Now halfway through its first course, the apiary aims to teach aspiring beekeepers how to encourage bees to pollinate, what plants to grow at home to lure bees into their gardens and the best way to handle and look after a colony.

Dr Clark said: “No bees and there is a serious shortage of food in the world as we need bees to start the whole chain off. If there are no bees the crops don’t get pollinated and there will be no food. It is as simple as that.

“There are also so many fantastic uses for honey, which is a terrific bonus for humans.”

The project already has two hives up and running and a team of volunteers, after being awarded funding through Haringey Council’s making the difference grant.

For more information on how the next course starting in September, please email fredclark@btopenworld.com.

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Can we also buy the honey produced? My husband gets terrible hayfever and locally produced honey is supposed to help ease the symptoms.

Thanks  a lot


Claudia, I've emailed Fred to ask him to let us know if any honey will be available. In the meantime, it may well be worth your while connecting with Michelle who produces 'Tottenham Honey'. You may have to wait for the summer for this season's output.

Thanks for Michelle's link Hugh, I also emailed Fred!





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