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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

After more than just a little chat about the banner on Harringay Bridge and the bridge itself on the site here, there was optimism abroad with the news that some of Harringay's Outer London Fund award will be used to improve the bridge.

The local team managing the project decided to put up a temporary banner as a signal of things to come. Its design has had more community input than has been the case before and so it has a real community feel to it. Following the same idea as Harringay Online's Harringay History timeline, it reflects our neighbourhood's history from the Ice Age to the present day.

The design incorporates a somewhat eclectic range of symbols from Harringay's history including some that will be instantly recognisable and others that aim to stimulate enquiry.

I was pleased to be able to contribute suggestions of some of the weird and wonderful bits of Harringay's History that I've dug up over the past few years, but once again the driving force has been Rob Chau of Tao Sports with lots of ideas and energy from Andy Newman and others.

Below is a near final draft of the main banner that will cover the whole width of the north side of the bridge. (Click to enlarge, then click again for full size).



Or, if you prefer, here it is scrolled for you to the tune of the music that played at the start of the stock car racing at Harringay Stadium:



The southern side will retain the ads at the sides of the bridge till the end of their contract. The central span will be simple and will just bear our neighbourhood name. It will be printed on 3M material which has reflective properties so that the banner can still be seen at night.



I think these are a great step forward. But let's hope people don't get too attached since they will only be temporary. Both banners will be up for about six months after which period the permanent bridge improvement works will be carried out.


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love it - but then again the colour green and history are 2 of my favourite things (along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens :))

I like it a lot! - thanks for all involved.


ps I think you spelt Haringey wrong on second pic. ( attempt at v. poor joke)

A great improvement, I really like it too. Might be a stupid question but what is coming?

and there's even a stock car.. 

Is Harringay in Gill Sans typeface (font) .. ? It looks very much like the 1940s, 50s, 60s station name signs, with 100% clarity .. I like it !

.....and if it'd been possible Stephen, to honour your sharing the memory with us all, I'm sure the Harringay Stadium 'stock car music' standard would play every time you came to visit and passed beneath it. But in the meantime, will this do?

and I thought you were going to say.. to honour your sharing .... a grumpy (not so) old man with a bald head on it!

That music certainly did echo around the Gardens on 'Stock Car Nights'.... and then the roar of the cars.. and fumes..

I'm happy to see that the two stock cars are based on a photo I once sent you!  No. 299 is Johnny Ayling from Walton-on-Thames, and no. 282 is the monster-engined car of Oxford's Barry Hebborn.  Harringay's own local Vincelli brothers were among the drivers and fans who enjoyed that simpler and cheerier sport in those simpler, cheerier  days. 

Did you know [trivia par excellence] that March of the Mods is based on an old Finnish folk dance tune called a "jenka", which had a revival in the mid sixties?

To quote Michael Caine, "Not many people know vat --------."

Yippee! I like both!

When I added the music for Stephen earlier, it occurred me that the banner seemed to go quite well with the music. So I've added a banner with music version in the original post.

PS: Watch the train's wheels as they go by - odd train in motion effect.

From our Facebook Page:

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