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New Haringey parking permit system - something's wrong, can we the peple help?

Earlier this year, Haringey Council introduced a new parking permit system. This included the great (and for me very positive) leap forward of virtual parking permits.

BU...UT, it appears that something has gone very wrong. In the four discussions on this website over 120 comments have been added about problems people are having with the new system. Local Whatsapp groups are also alight with stories about it.

As it happens, personally, I've had no problems with the system. A couple of months back I renewed my residents' parking permit. Okay, the system may have been a little clunky, but it was okay.

I have a stock of paper visitor permits, which has meant that I haven't had to buy any virtual ones. So, yesterday, in an effort to experience the widely reported problems first-hand, I made a test purchase of a single one-hour visitor permit. And, I have to say, it went without a glitch.

But there are too many complainants to conclude anything other than there must be a significant issue of some sort with the system.

Was my journey easy because I'd previously bought my residents permit through the system? Are people doing anything at their desk that the system designer didn't anticipate?

I had a phone call this morning about this issue from a concerned resident of the borough. Whilst he voiced frustration about the issue, his approach was wholly constructive: his focus was on how to get things fixed.

He suggested that the council actually spend some time speaking with the people experiencing problems buying their permits to get to the bottom of the issue. Perhaps, even invite them in and sit with them at a computer and observe the issue as it happens.

Perhaps you're already on top of this issue, dear council, and you're working furiously with your contractors to fix it. If so, great. But if this is the case, why not tell us?!

In the meantime, we have to assume that you're struggling, and you can't fix things. So, can we the people help?

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Having read all the comments about applying for permits, it was with some trepidation that I set about renewing my residents parking permit. My old paper one expires at the end of November so I thought I’d give myself plenty of time and logged in today. 

Surprisingly, I found the process relatively easy. The problem occurred when I came to the payment page. I was being charged £31 plus £50 for “second and subsequent permits”. I live on my own and only have one car. I tried this several times and got the same outcome.

 Anyone else had the same experience? What should I do next?

Just to add that, having previously signed up for a resident's parking permit online without issue, I have been trying for the last 15 minutes to get virtual vouchers. It is a complete horror show. I consider myself reasonably confident with technology, but this is simply broken. I can make it as far as my shopping basket with my 9 (?!) hourly virtual visitor vouchers (alliterative aneurysm assured) but when I click "check-out now" the transfer from the Haringey parking website to the Haringey e-store payments website falls over.  Enter details, click login, screen refreshes to login page. I have managed to get in maybe once and by then there was nothing in my basket to purchase, meaning starting over again.

This a basic service that has not been properly tested or implemented and does little to instill confidence in dealing with the council on more complex or urgent issues...

When I had exactly the same problem and phoned the council’s “helpline”, I was advised to only try and buy 2 or 3 vouchers at a time. This in fact worked, but it’s a complete pain not being able to buy 9 vouchers in one transaction (you can’t even mix the types — hourly and daily — in one transaction either) and illustrates just how broken the system is.

Please can we have the option of the old and the new please do many of us are worried and anxious it’s not fair 

on the more senior residents and disabled and some who don’t even own a computer

Thanks Don - I tried this approach and still no dice.

I have attempted various permutations of vouchers from 1-5 of each kind separately and in combination. Generally I get an error before I get to the "shopping basket". The hyperlink says something about the total amounts not matching, but I have no idea how this can be the case as they are automatically calculated and seem to add up correctly.

On the few, seemingly random occasions that I can get to the shopping basket, I still cannot navigate beyond the login screen for the e-store. I insert my details and the login page just refreshes rather than taking me to the payment details page.

Looks like I will need to make a call, but this is a wretched "upgrade" that is frustratingly poorly thought-out and implemented. Just buying physical permits probably had less environmental impact given the time wasted, to say nothing of the irritation and anxiety this is likely to cause for many.

Please can someone listen to our cries of help ???

Time to e-mail Zena Etheridge, Chief Exec, I suppose; clearly reports from the front-line staff dealing with the problems aren’t having any effect.

She's off.   

"Andy Donald is set to replace Zina Etheridge as the town hall’s chief executive in February 2022... She is leaving to become chief executive officer designate of north-east London’s health and care partnership". From the Ham & High.

He'll be an interim appointment ahead of a permanent one, say Haringey.

Yes, I made two or three calls back when this first started (September?) and each time spent half an hour on the phone while some — very helpful — Council person tried to sort it out for me. You’d think Haringey might have worked out by now that it’d be more cost-effective to get the website working than pay their staff to talk residents through something that should have been tested in advance and put right weeks ago.

took about 2 seconds to log in here today, its taken a few hrs to log in unsuccessfully to harinhey parking. what a joke

Paid for day long and hourly permits - Council pocketed my money but I can only gain access to day permits.  Contact them online and they ignore the fact that I paid for the hour long ones even though I have proof of purchase.  Fraud or incompetence?  Will take it up with district auditor if I don’t get satisfaction.



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