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I noticed this morning the shop that used to be William Hill (opposite Diyarbakir) on Green Lanes is being refitted with black frontage and lots of wooden fruit boxes being set out.

The guy working next door said it's going to be a organic grocery and juice bar. An upgrade from a bookmakers, and this end of Green Lanes definitely won't be short on grocers.

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Agreed - quite welcome. I am also quite sceptical. From a planning standpoint, is this similar to how Abracho approached their development? Appearing to set up retail premises, whilst clearly pivoting towards food and drink. Worth pointing out that Abracho now has an alcohol license application in place. It’s so obviously trying to nudge towards a full blown restaurant/bar proposition with 5 boxes of granola on the shelf. Utter absurdity.

I am always surprised that such transparent loopholing seems to get through the council's process so easily. Is anyone familiar with how that works? Once somewhere is established can they just bin the retail bit without consequence?

That said, in this case, it's not something we currently have, is it? Harringay Local Store does organic groceries I suppose, but that's a fair lick up the road from this place. However, didn't Beans and Barley try and do this and ended up just doing a cafe instead?

I think I'm a bit more sympathetic to "A3" developments when we don't have the thing they're selling - variety is welcomed. Difficult to see how you could turn organic groceries into a kebab house, at any rate 

I'm a big fan of Harringay Local, but they have a pretty limited selection of produce. I'd love a shop like the newish one in Crouch End with lots of organic fruit and veg. 

I think they used to struggle with selling some of the very up market produce before the use-by date, which is why they could be better stocked.

I looooove the Harringay local store, but it had a limited supply of veg. So I use it for buying luxury products like posh pasta, sourdough bread, organic rice, fancy condiments etc etc. They are not too close so hopefully they won’t have an impact on each other’s business (unlike when beans and barley decided to go organic almost next door to the local store).  Veg at mums looks great (like the huge tasty purple cauliflower bought the other day, but not sure if its all organic yet. In thr light of all this, I hope mums will be a useful addition to the lanes. 

I have written to the council on this matter. Never got anything back.

Agree that if the odd new development offers us something new and different I’d turn a blind eye to the rules. It’s a lovely shop and enjoyed my purple cauliflower from there in my meal tonight. Nice unusual vegetables 

I am very pleased with this news.  Maybe Harringay Local is moving to bigger premises?   We certainly need something like this in this part of Green Lanes.

I’ve just walked past here and looks a lovely shop. Anyone know when it’s due to open? 

Bought some bits and bobs there this afternoon.  Bit of a soft opening I think as the back of the shop isn’t open yet.  Welcome addition to The Lanes.

'The Lanes', eh, Michael?  Makes us sound like we're in Brighton! 

Paint the shops in pastel colours and you’d hardly know the difference



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