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Just drove past a what looked like a new cafe "Opera" at a glance. 

It looked pretty cool and plan to check it out tomorrow, just wondered if any one was there today and what type of food it had to offer. 

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Did you visit? You won't have to cross the road for Brouhaha ;)

In 2011.... you could not get "lunch", on a Friday, anywhere in Harringay unless you wanted a kebab.

Ha, ha yes John, I can remember when all you could get at lunch time on GL was a packet of crisps in the Old Ale if you didn't want kebabs (or a fry up). And that was when the kebab shops were all caff style, not the swish restaurants they are now.

I can also recall when another now popular bar opened, it frequently ran out of beer and food, and the toilet were scary to say the least. Another local business was roundly trashed by the foodies on here, but it's proved popular with families with young kids and a few of us oldies because it's friendly, serves great cakes and tries very hard to please.

I like to give places a chance before writing them off. Getting a new business off the ground is tough. Actually, thinking about it, yes I am grateful if people choose to invest their money and time into our high street.. Let's not get too excited about trashing them online before they've had to time to grow. If something doesn't please, then don't go anymore, or maybe even tell them why you weren't happy. A good business will no doubt welcome constructive criticism.

I'll probably pop in fairly soon. Am probably more interested in what the atmosphere is like going in for a drink (and what the range of drink is like) rather than the food. I frequently don't bother with Jam in a Jar on a weekend evening as it's too busy so will be interested in another option.

A few teething troubles aren't that unexpected. When Jam in a Jar first opened they regularly ran out of beer which wasn't too impressive but they seem to have survived.

Went in with my wife and a friend for brekkie on Saturday. The service was chaotic (took about half an hour to get us a pot of tea, and they weren't packed at the time), but the Maitre D' (whose name I forget) was exceedingly friendly, and chatty.

Food was okay, too, perhaps a tad more expensive than other nearby establishments, but not excessively so. And worth it for the lovely interior and the good music.

Would I go again? Yes. Do I still really, really miss Cafe Lemon? Yes.

"Would I go again? Yes. Do I still really, really miss Cafe Lemon? Yes." - seconded.

Cafe Lemon - gone from Green Lanes, but not from the wider 'hood. Been open at 118 West Green Rd (towards the Seven Sisters end) since May.

   @cafelemonlondon     &    https://en-gb.facebook.com/CafeLemonUK/

Service can often by poor at newly opened places. Service at the nice Italian on west green lane was the worst I’ve ever had when it first opened. (The food has always been exceptional) after a month or so thu had it settled and working.

I’m sure this will happen here.
Went past Cafe Lemon on the bus Sunday 1.30, it was full to the gills and looked really nicely decorated. As above, teething problems in the first month are not unusual, give it a chance

Went in here for cocktails and dinner last night. The cocktail service is a bit slow, the bar staff were being trained and the drinks came out one by one, but were good. They can do classic cocktails not listed on the menu too. We had the beef burger and the halloumi burger, both were excellent with good chips, and the food service was very quick. 

I'd give it some time to settle in and hopefully the bar staff will get a handle on things soon - but they need customers to practice on! 



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