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Last October I raised the issue that possible street closures in surrounding areas would displace traffic our way. 

One of the areas was Crouch End.

A consultation for those living/working in the area is in progress and one of the options being consulted on is the closure to through traffic (except for buses, emergency vehicles and cyclists) of one or more major roads, such as The Broadway.

A traffic survey for the Crouch End project suggests such a change might mean 2000 more vehicles a day in both directions for Wightman.

Harringay residents can make their views known via the questionnaire.

To complete the questionnaire go to:


After the initial section you can opt to only complete the one on traffic. The deadline is 2 February.

Postscript navigation note: (For oversized lorry stuck on Warham, see P14, here.)

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We're good for public transport. Thanks.

Excellent public transport links, but not always such great access. I’m in St Ann’s Ward, and often stuck on a bus in traffic on Green Lanes trying to get home while a potential bus lane is blocked by parked cars for example. Most of our nearest stations are not wheelchair or pram friendly  - I know TFL have made commitments to make more stations step free. I’d be interested to see if any of our tube stations or Harringay overground are included in future plans for example 

Re Harringay National Rail, No, is the short answer - lifts to the platforms would require a new bridge. Perhaps passive provision will be included in the building replacement.

I guess this is a further issue, if we're dealing with traffic on Wightman, traffic on Green Lanes has to be consider too, to ensure bus's run efficiently and are not stuck in mountains of traffic on Green Lanes.

I got my comment in. Two points sort of squeezed into the 100 characters. (1) it undoes the plan from 2 years ago which was supposed to reduce traffic on Wightman; (2) the adjoining residents are nearer to traffic than those on most of the route that is to be closed, and they are therefore more likely to suffer from air pollution.



Look at this wonderful google maps hack they did in Berlin. 99 cellphones in a handcart was used to turn a "green" street "red" on waze/google maps.

One of my concerns was when they upgraded the bridge on wightman road, was that there were bigger plans for the road than its current B status, I expect my Road (Lausanne) will suffer with even more "up" traffic as people ran run it to avoid the TPL junction. The have already closed their residential streets the "right" side of the tracks so people run ours, now we have to put up with more of their traffic, to make the "village" beautiful.

For those who don’t experience the traffic on The Ladder below is a photo I took this morning of my street, Warham, with a queue of traffic waiting to exit on to Wightman Road.  The queue is from 1 Warham back to 68 Warham at 9am this morning.  It’s even worse between 7-8am, happens every single weekday and is replicated to a greater or lesser extent on other Ladder roads.  Imagine the impact of another 5,000 vehicles trying to find a way to avoid Crouch End.

This is now the second most commented on post in thirteen years of HOL.

I'm not suprised, traffic congestion on the Ladder and surrounding area is a big issue. I live in Lausanne Rd and the traffic queues get pretty bad some mornings.

The obvious question then is... what's first?

Is it Finsbury Park event related?

Or Brexit?

What's in the number one spot? I'm guessing one of the GLATS threads.



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