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I have about 10 jars ready to be re-used, various shapes and sizes from jam jars to pickled gherkin ones. 

Let me know if you're interested in all or some of them! 

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Yes please, I badly need these! Your offer couldn’t have come at a better time!

Great! Then they're yours. I'm always happy to see decent jars going off to be reused! 

If you need any more let me know as I have plenty and can spare some. Like Ruth I am always glad to see the. Go to a good home. 

It's great to see that jars are still in demand and they can get used again Justin! These were snapped up my Marian today, really good timing. 

Are you still collecting stamps btw? 

Hi Ruth. Glad you found a home for them. I hate the though they will not be reused. 
Yes. Still taking in stamps for Guide Dogs For The Blind. 

I've got some stamps I could drop off to you sometime. 

Sorry for seeing this late do you have anymore by any chance ? 

Hi Alev! I gave them all away I'm afraid but I'll probably have another little stash within a few weeks. If you can wait till then, I'll let you know but if you're in urgent need you could try Justin. I'll send you a mail request anyway so we can be in touch. all the best



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