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Sample bin collection calendar 2024-25 (This is Wednesday Week A  - CHECK YOUR COLLECTION ROUND BEFORE relying on it!) 

The bin collection calendar is a small thing of no consequence. Yet it is one that I, and I believe other residents find very useful.

Every March, when the old calendar runs out of steam, I know that I'm going to have to wait till midsummer to get the new one. I was on the point of making one for myself this year, but I thought I'd give the very helpful Haringey Veolia team a call and check if they had anything to save me the faff. 

A very helpful staff member, with a voice of a gruffness that belongs in a saddle and is spoken through a dangling cheroot, told me that the Council has been distributing this year's copy for the past month. They clearly haven't reached Hewitt Road yet: it is a long walk after all.

The very helpful 'Veolia Kid' offered to arrange to have one sent to me, but then in subsequent discussion, I learned that you can download them online - not where you'd expect, on the bin collection finder, or even linked from it, but on a separate Haringey Veolia website. On a quick skim, I was unable to find the calendar by just looking (I mean why would they do that!?), but thankfully, VK had given me the requisite url.

So, if you need to download your own copy of the calendar, the url is https://www.haringey.veolia.co.uk/facilities-services/collection-da...

There are ten different flavours to choose from. So, make sure that you start by using the link to the "Collection Day Finder" in the paragraph at the top of the page.

Might I suggest, dear Council, that next year you start by send out an email with a link to the download page? Then if by midsummer when my printed version arrives, the one I printed out myself has got tatty, I can just swap it out.

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Some people on our street have had them but not others - I emailed and they replied that they would send me one, but it hasn't turned up. Why they can't get them out in time for the April new start is a mystery if they really want to encourage recycling - online is not so convenient (and yes I know I could print it out) I like to have it on the fridge so children and lodgers can check what to recycle, as well as the collection dates.

We're also missing this. Thanks Hugh, l knew of the collection day finder but not this.

A polite reminder that you can now recycle clothing through trade ...


they offer a free pickup service too :)

Once you’ve checked your collection days, if you have an Amazon Alexa there is a skill called ‘bin calendar’ you can set up, so you can ask her each week. But you can’t put in the bank holiday variations.

I got my bin collection out a few weeks ago to check when collections were due around the May bank holidays (I wanted to know when my garden waste would be collected). Then I realised it was last year's bin calendar. 

So I checked on the website, but it didn't tell me. I put my garden waste out with my recycling. But it wasn't collected. 

I had already called Veolia back in April when I hadn't received my garden waste bin sticker. I was told not to worry, the bin men were delivering the stickers on their rounds. They collected my garden waste that time.

But then in early May and with a bin full of my back neighbour's dropped leaves I was quite keen to have my bin emptied, so I called Veolia again after my bin was not emptied. I was reassured and told it was logged as a missed collection and would be cleared in 2-3 working days.

The following week, with the bin still full and my neighbour's tree dropping even more large leaves, I called again. I was told because it was logged as a missed collection it wasn't cleared, because they hadn't updated my garden waste subscription in the system. This was happening to customers who paid by direct debit, who all had to be updated manually (silly me thinking it would be easier!!). Now it would be logged as an extra collection instead, which would ensure my bin was emptied. 

Later that day my bin sticker arrived - over three months since I paid for it and nearly two months after the service was supposed to start. The good news is if they miss it again I am now able to log a missed collection online (as I did for my recycling, which was not collected that day either)

Has anyone noticed the stickers they are putting on some bins, with instructions on what can and cannot go in the bin? I wonder if they replace the "tag of shame" they put on contaminated bins?

What a waste of public money those stickers were! They rolled up and peeled off within seconds of being applied.  They look similar for both function of bin ( the fact is you can put most types of waste into general waste including garden and food waste and as it is all incinerated it’s arguably good for the burn!).

No point in stickering all the conscientious households who recycle carefully - and the ‘badge of shame’ tags for those who don’t contains all the information the culprits need should they choose to take any notice!

lThe most eco approach for gardeners is to compost as much as you possibly can; stack sticks and branches under shrubs to encourage wildlife, and put small amounts you can’t deal with on site into the general waste to be burned efficiently. This avoids the addition of yet another unsightly plastic bin to street clutter, and the carbon miles of en extra truck cruising round to collect it.



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