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Many of you will remember the saga of the missing Royal Mail deliveries back in 2021/2 - as set out here: Help make the case to get Royal Mail delivery problems fixed - Harr...

I'm interested in whether anyone is still having problems - specifically with magazines? I subscribe to two and have not received any copies since October (so am missing Nov, Dec and Jan editions). A neighbour who subscribes to one of the same magazines received her last copy in November. 

I'm at a loss as to what to do. If I try and call the local sorting office I just get through to a generic RM phone line which, so far, hasn't generated a real person who can help. The actual sorting office the magazines will be in is inconveniently located miles away in Holloway and I have not got the time to go there on what I am sure will be a fruitless inquiry. I've contacted both magazines who have said they won't send them again or refund them because they have already sent them once. 

I've contacted David Lammy's office who did provide some help previously. But unless this is a major issue affecting many it won't be high up his office's priority list (which I of course understand). 

So two questions: 

  1. Is anyone else having problems? 
  2. Any suggestions as to what I can do, short of just cancelling my subscription because they can't actually get the magazine to me? 

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I had to cancel a magazine subscription six years ago for this reason. 

As someone at the posting end of magazines for members of a specialist group, I have the impression that bulk posting gets the lowest priority. We find that magazines sent at second-class rates can take up to two weeks to arrive at UK addresses (though most get there within one week), with up to four weeks in Europe and 8 weeks further afield. But they all seem to get there in the end - very few go astray.

I’ve had 2 items posted for Christmas go missing 

I ordered a debit card on 8 Dec. to take away on a trip in two weeks - no sign. I have had to order another and hope that doesn't disappear / get nicked in transit. Unless cards are registered I am fairly sure there is a good chance they will go missing. 

I suspected I'm missing the two latest issues of my Sight and Sound subscription. Your post prompted me to check - and I am! 

Very annoying...

Annoyingly I found the best way to get a real person to speak to you was to copy Royal Mail in on a ranty Tweet about the issue and then they'll DM you.  I was having loads of problems with mail for my Gardens address being delivered to the Mews round the corner, but (fingers crossed) this seems to have been resolved.

Thanks all. I caught up with the local postman today and asked him. He said he wasn’t aware of any problems and was regularly delivering magazines. I don’t know what to do beyond cancel my subscription but will try the Twitter route to see what happens ..

I (and others on Hewitt Road) have the same issue. I contacted the magazine provider who have changed the way they're sending the copies to me. Still royal mail but this other method seems to be working. Not sure what exactly they changed....

I'm on Hewitt and there have been problems since around early October. 

I think that, over the autumn, I received maybe 2 copies of the New Statesman, which should be weekly and one copy of Prospect and one of the RHS magazine both of which which should be monthly.  The odd thing is that Private Eye always arrives. All of these come in white paper envelopes so I'm not sure why the Eye makes it through and not the others. 

I've started keeping a log now so I know what I do get and can grumble with accuracy!

I haven't had my (normally weekly) Economist since December. Getting grumpy!



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