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I haven’t seen many foxes recently. 

Living on the New River section of Wightman Rd I normally see and hear a good number of foxes on the river path and bank as well as around the ladder. I haven’t seen or heard any foxes for months. 

Is it just me being unobservant or has anyone else noticed a lack of foxes?

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They seem just as numerous around Tottenham Lane. Perhaps they've moved and it's fox gentrification?

Well they’ve been making lots of noise on the Ladder over the last few weeks and in the sun last week one spent all afternoon sleeping on a back wall. Hope this cheers you up. I think lots of building work keeps them out of our view as they probably hide away in places where we can’t see them.

They seem to have taken a new home in the big mound of vegetation on the new river, where it spills over and people sit under, just behind the fence! See them there very often recently.

I have seen fewer than usual in and around my garden and fewer signs of their very unwelcome activities. There are still three visible fox holes on the railway embankment and have see one there a couple of days ago. What was, for me, a very rare sight was a dead fox lying on the embankment last month. Its coat looked healthy and I could see no sign of injury. Poison or disease perhaps?

Saw a 1 year old a few days ago on the east bank. Looked healthy.

Plenty in Seymour/Hewitt Road - see and hear them daily. I’ve not noticed any reduction at all. 

Might be a bit quieter than usual as the Vixens are underground and pregnant. 

A few weeks ago on a Friday evening one fox managed to get in my mum's kitchen as the kitchen door to the garden was open and caused distruction in the kitchen and thank God that my mum's cat wasn't in the kitchen.

The kitchen door to the garden is open so the cat can go in and out as we don't have a cat flap.

My mum managed to get the fox out of the kitchen and into the garden.

When I am staying at my mum's I hear the foxes and also see them walking in the road and on the pavement of a night.

The kitchen door to the garden is closed when no one is in the kitchen unless someone is in the kitchen and the kitchen door is left open so the cat can go out in the garden.

I had been thinking I hadn't seen any in ages, that the local ones in the back gardens around me, had all gone. But 2 days ago one appeared in next door's garden. One of its back leg was injured, was hanging uselessly yet it must have climbed over fences to get into that garden. It slept in the sun for a while. Anyone else seen this injured one? 



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