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After years of agonising over the distant memory of my working class roots, and the denial that has followed when ever the question has since come up, I guess I now find myself truly in the 'middle class camp'.

My tale of woe sealed the deal when, last night, I made a fatal- but yet schoolboy- error. I left my Brand New Birkenstock (worn only once) outside only to wake and find them in a place other than where I left them. See if you can piece the rest of the story together yourself from this image. Spot the difference!The Birkie was in my neighbour garden with the strap chewed through, and clean off. I am hoping beyond hope that it was a fox, and not some super-sized rat.

Of course, I cannot get the upper repaired, nor can a single sandal- they only come in pairs.

So, my Middle Class Problem (#37): "Ahr, a fox ate my new Birkenstock!"

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I called them, apparently the upper is the only thing that cannot be repaired would you believe. I asked if I can get a single sandal and apparently I can only buy them in pairs. Just my luck!

You should be glad fox did not wee on them...  Which does happen, particularly on our crocs.

Go to http://iliaslittleshoebox.co.uk/ on Westbury avenue. He will fix it for a price that will amaze you - trust me - since I discovered this place i've been getting all my shoes mended/tweaked there, he's fantastic!

Such comfy, sensible shoes. So reasonably priced too!

I will, thanks- my wife works with a  lot of creative (some of who must work with leather) and I was thinking of asking her if she knew anyone. So, this i great to know.  Thanks.

Just thought I would let you know James. I did get them sorted, so many thanks.

Top tip!

Justin, I have just the thing!

An old pair of Birks that you can take a graft from to get stitched on. It would look really unique too as mine are silver lame. (that is accent on e not literally lame!)

Sadly mine are brown, not silver. So, I might pass on that, but thanks for the thought!

ooh dear!  I left my fitflops in my garden and one was halfway up the lawn with some teeth marks, luckily not as badly damaged as yours!!



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