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Marks and Spencers Food Hall To Open Where The Old Big Post Office Was - Green Lanes, Harringay

Finally M&S is coming to Harringay! 

It’s been so overdue, they have the best tasting fruit by far out of all the supermarkets, great news.

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That seems quite small for an M&S (even a food one) unless the building is quite a bit bigger than the post office suggested.

It’s two shops wide and extends quite a way back up Warham  Road.

Some of them are tiny, like the one at Charing Cross station. Tiny but well stocked!

Yes. But none has footfall as low as that site. I'm not sure why this is being taken seriously. 

Not that much smaller than the Crouch End branch then.  I did ask a fellow planner who does a lot of work with M&S and the rumours are true at least that they have been looking at a site on Green Lanes (possibly this one) for a few years.  I'll update if I hear anything else.  Let's face it's, we will all pop in for a bottle of wine and a packet of biscuits :D

Hello Michael

Hope your well?

Please do come by and we can show you what it will look like. Its exciting and a big uplift in the area.

I look forward to seeing you.

Warm regards


Like others I am finding this rumour hard to believe.

There virtually no food niche that isn't abundantly supplied by the large number of existing shops on Green Lanes, at pretty reasonable prices. 

Demographically I also don't see much commercial justification for an M&S Food Hall outlet.

I would love for it to be true but Mal would need to reveal her sources (without taking offense) - much like in the rumour that she posted about Nandos taking over the old Barclays building. 

If Dusty Knuckle can clear their shelves each day of bread priced at over £4….

I heard it was going to be the flagship for the new Fortnum & Masons line of local outlets.

What do you mean "finally"? We had a bigish M&S ages ago between Turnpike Lane tube station and Wood Green Tube station with clothes and food! I really do miss it. I live closer to that part of Haringey than the ladder, where most conversations on this forum come from. I just think people in our part of Haringey don't know about this. I do pass it on to a few of my neighbours though to keep them up to speed!

I think you will find that actually hol is mostly from us  on ladder and garden roads in north haringay, before it extended down further towards Turnpike Lane,, wood geeen a few years ago and attracted a lot of new people

just saying

It's "Harringay" Online (and not "Haringey" Online) meaning it's aimed at the district of Harringay, not the whole borough of Haringey. People are welcome to join and contribute from all over (and we're all glad they do!), but that is why most of the conversation centres around the ladder/gardens.



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